Stop Putting Pressure on Women to Have Kids Before They’re 30 by A. Chandler

Stop putting pressure on women to have kids before they’re 30 by A Chandler

I bet anything if LifeNews (pro life group I follow on Twitter, I think they follow me back) gets a drift of this link, they will probably retweet it to condemn it, or write an editorial condemning it (read more about that site’s tendency to demonize Childfree adults (Link): here – see also: this Link).

I am pro-life on the abortion topic myself, but I loathe how the Catholic pro-life sites equate being childfree to infanticide.

I don’t see anything wrong with people choosing not to have children, and I think it’s vile to condemn or shame women (or men) who choose not to have children.

The shaming that goes on against women who choose to forgo children in effect, on some level, shames and diminishes female celibacy.

It’s as though these Catholic and Protestant sites that condemn abortion and also condemn the childfree also think poorly of adult, celibate, single adults. The Bible simply does not command people to marry and/or have children, but they behave as though it does.

(Link): Stop putting pressure on women to have kids before they’re 30


by A Chandler

  • Aug 1, 2015
  • Today is International Childfree Day, AKA the day when those of us who don’t have kids can revel in all the things parents can’t do – like having a lie in, reading a book, getting out of the house in under 10 minutes or locking the bathroom door when we go to the toilet.
  • One thing that dumps all over this carefree happiness, though, is people like Professor Geeta Nargund insisting that (Link): women have kids before 30.
  • Back in May she wrote an open letter to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, suggesting that teenagers should be taught about the dangers of delaying parenthood when they’re at school. She reasons that women are leaving it too late to conceive and burdening the NHS with high IVF costs.
  • Frankly, any woman who is surprised to be told at 40 that conceiving will be difficult has obviously been living in a cave for their whole life, because women are constantly bombarded with messages about their declining fertility.

  • Whether it’s relatives making comments about ‘ticking biological clocks’ or my doctor cheerfully telling me that the pill is infinitely more effective at the age of 29 than it was at 17 because I am ‘vastly less fertile now’, I am well aware of the biologically ideal time to have children.
  • It’s just a shame it’s not the right time from an emotional, financial and practical standpoint.
  • …There are so many things that a woman needs to consider before having a child. Her age is just one component of that. Having a child before you’re emotionally and financially ready is just as risky as having a child when you’re over the ideal age for it.


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