John Hugh Morgan Still Lurking At My Blog as of summer 2015 – What Nerve

John Hugh Morgan Still Lurking At My Blog – What Nerve

This Morgan guy used to stalk me (you can read more about that situation (Link): here).

All because I write under a screen name (not my real name), he thinks I’m untrustworthy as a blogger, and so on.

But the dude still drops by my blog, has used my story ideas before, etc.

He’s apparently been here as recently as July 2015.

On July 18, 2015, I made this blog post:

(Link): Paul, Singleness, And Mutuality: Three Proposals for The Church (from Junia Project)

Then, the very next day, July 19, my one time stalker, John Morgan, left this comment on the Junia Project blog page


johnhughmorgan3 says

July 19, 2015 at 7:23 pm

“Churches must hire single men and women to serve in any capacity they are called to, regardless of their marital status. ”

Are you kidding? Most Protestant denominations in this country have a ban on hiring single men, including the Southern Baptist Convention. I can tell you this without a doubt: Apostle Paul would be beaten, and probably shot, if he showed up at any one of their churches on a Sunday morning.
— end —

The dude obviously saw the Junia Project blog link on MY blog here. Junia Project is an egalitarian site, which combats sexism in Christianity, especially from gender complementarian quarters of the faith.

I seriously doubt Morgan suddenly developed an interest in Christian egalitarianism the VERY DAY after I happened to post a link from a Christian egal blog to my blog about this topic!

He must still be dropping by this blog and/or my Twitter account to see what I am posting.

What a deceptive dirt ball:

Complain about HOW I blog, put it out there that I’m not trustworthy, but he is STILL, as of SUMMER 2015, using my blog as a resource.

What a douche canoe. Stop it.

Stop visiting my blog and getting story ideas and tracking links I post, you ingrate!

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