Another Christian, Pro-Nuclear Family Marriage Idolator Married Father -Sam Rader -Caught By Ashley Madison Hack

Another Christian Pro-Nuclear Family Marriage Idolator Married Father Caught By Ashley Madison Hack

This Rader guy is a Christian, is married with a kid or two, has a You Tube account where he opines on the wonders and godliness of marriage and family values.

I noticed that in the vast majority of left leaning sites (both news sites and professional sites and personal social media groups and accounts) that are reporting on this and the Duggar Ashley Madison story, they are in a fit because both guys are opposed to homosexual marriage. That is where a lot of the indignation is coming from.

I don’t support homosexual behavior or homosexual marriage either (though they’re not really hot button topics for me personally), so I don’t really give a hoot if Duggar or this other guy are against it. That’s not my issue.

What galls me is that Rader and Duggar are part of the Christian complex or factory that outputs these obnoxious attitudes that states or implies that marriage is better than singleness, that being single or childless is somehow ‘less than’ being married with children; they never shut up about ‘family values,’ and so forth.

Putting aside either guy’s stance on homosexual marriage or behavior, there is plenty to be upset or outraged about as is.

Even if both guys had supported homosexual marriage, their signing up for Ashley Madison would still be highly hypocritical and problematic.

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(Link): Christian vlogger Sam Rader on his Ashley Madison account: My wife – and God – have forgiven me

(Link): EXCLUSIVE: Father who ‘surprised’ his wife with news she was pregnant then announced she had suffered a miscarriage ‘was a paying user of Ashley Madison’

  • A user who appears to be Sam Rader, of Christian vlogging couple Sam and Nia, is listed as a paying user of Ashley Madison in the hacked files
  • Sam, 29, and Nia, 26, became internet sensations filming their family life
  • This month they shared news of their pregnancy and alleged miscarriage
  • A user who appears to be Sam Rader allegedly made two $189 payments
  • The database shared online by hackers lists the name, home address, IP address, credit card details, and email address of each paying user
  • Rader’s manager declined to comment to Daily Mail Online when asked about the data. Direct emails and calls to Rader have gone unanswered
  • Sam Rader, one half of the Christian vlogging couple whose alleged miscarriage video went viral this month, was listed as a paying subscriber to Ashley Madison, according to stolen data shared online by hackers.

  • A user, who appears to be the 29-year-old father-of-two, allegedly made two $189 payments to the infidelity service in September 2013, the same month his second child was born and he celebrated four years of marriage with his viral star wife Nia, 26.

  • Another four $14 payments were listed under his name on the database.

  • The account details shared on Twitter and the 4chan forum – allegedly taken from the hacked Ashley Madison data – show Mr Rader’s name, his town of Terrell, Texas, and a zip code which Daily Mail Online can verify matches his home address.

  • (caption below photo on page): A user who appears to be 29-year-old father-of-two Sam Rader (left) allegedly made two $189 payments to the infidelity service Ashley Madison in September 2013, the same month his second child was born and he celebrated four years of marriage with his viral star wife Nia, 26, (right). The pair host Sam & Nia on YouTube
  • It also shows the user registered under an email address consisting of his name

    Mr Rader, who also works as a photographer, registered that domain name in 2011. The email comes up as a certified member of Ashley Madison on the many sites now established for suspicious spouses to check on their partner.  

  • Ashley Madison is freely accessible site but users must buy credits to send messages: $49 gets 100 credits, while $250 earns 1,000 credits and a money-back ‘affair guarantee’ if you don’t have an affair within three months.

  • Altogether the records imply that he bought a total of around 800 credits. His profile ceases to be active after the final payment in November 2013.

  • Hackers released data showing personal data of 37 million people who subscribed to Ashley Madison, which operates under the tagline, ‘Life is short. Have an affair.’

  • …The couple, who have more than 360,000 subscribers to their (Link): YouTube channel, have built an enormous fan base by documenting life with their two young daughters, aged four and two, in Terrell, Texas.

    With an income of $9.60 per 1,000 non-skippable advert views, according to (Link): Buzzfeed, they could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • They became an internet sensation in August this year with two videos – one that showed Sam ‘surprising’ Nia with the news that she was pregnant, another announcing she had miscarried.

    In the first video, reported internationally, Sam went into the bathroom after Nia, who supposedly forgot to flush. He dropped a pregnancy test in the toilet and, when it flashed positive, broke the news to Nia – on camera.

    Just days later, they released a second video, tearfully informing their fans that Nia had miscarried. The video went viral.

  • Critics questioned the validity of Nia’s miscarriage, which came just days after Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan spoke out about their miscarriages, making it a headline issue.

  •  Proud Christians, the Raders hit back claiming their detractors were targeting them for their faith.

  • In a previous video, Sam spoke about values and his love for Nia.

    ‘I want to be the man that I want my daughter to marry,’ he tells viewers. 

  • ‘That’s something that’s been on my mind lately, as far as when she asks me anything, or when it comes to like doing things with her, or being an example in front of her with Nia.

  • ‘Because I feel like she’s absorbing more things lately than before, I feel like it’s really important now that I’m being a good man to Nia and to the family, and that she sees what a real man needs to be.’

  • Sam Rader is the latest in a number of high profile figures to be implicated in the Ashley Madison hack.

  • Josh Duggar, star of 19 Kids And Counting, was forced to admit he cheated on his wife Anna multiple times after his name appeared in the Ashley Madison hack.

  • His parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who once represented a model of Christian and Republican values, said they were ‘stunned’ by the revelation as they had spent their lives trying to shroud their children from ‘outside influences’.

  • U.S. government employees with sensitive jobs in national security or law enforcement were also among hundreds of federal workers found to be using government networks to access and pay membership fees to the cheating website.

  • The list includes at least two assistant U.S. attorneys, an information technology administrator in the White House’s support staff, a Justice Department investigator, a division chief, and a government hacker and counter-terrorism employee at the Homeland Security Department.

  • And the embarrassment doesn’t end there.

  • Married Joshua Cline, a former aide to state representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, who famously blew the whistle on their extra-marital affair, features on the list, according to

  • The website shows records purporting to be from the Ashley Madison leak showing Cline’s name, address and membership details over three years. He has not commented on the report.

  • Cline made headlines resigning over the affair between the two tea party representatives. The case attracted attention when Michigan House Rep. Courser was caught on tape concocting a fake sex scandal including himself and a fictional male prostitute to derail reports he and Gamrat had relations.
  • Cline claimed the affair prompted him to quit and publicly revealed that Gamrat’s husband caught them in the act, ClickonDetroit reported.

  • Two Louisiana Republicans admitted being members of the site before they were named.

  • Louisiana GOP executive director Jason Doré told that his account was used for ‘opposition research’ at his law firm, Doré Jeansonne.

  • ‘As the state’s leading opposition research firm, our law office routinely searches public records, online databases and websites of all types to provide clients with comprehensive reports,’ he said.

  • ‘Our utilization of this site was for standard opposition research. Unfortunately, it ended up being a waste of money and time.’

  • Baton Rouge Councilman Ryan Heck posted on Facebook that he ‘went to Ashley Madison as a joke 5 years ago. Never went back’, signing off with the hashtag #smokinghotwife.

  • Donald Trump’s former political adviser Roger Stone also appeared on the database but said he had never subscribed to an account, according to a gossip site.

  • Many fake email addresses were registered to the infidelity site and it is possible that addresses were used by impostors as Ashley Madison never ran an email verification process. Complete credit card data and personal information are, however, less easy to blame on identity theft.

  • Avid Life released a statement calling the hackers criminals. It added that law enforcement in both the U.S. and Canada is investigating and declined comment beyond its statement Tuesday that it was investigating the hackers’ claims.

Edit. Saw this via WatchKeep’s Twitter:

(Link):  Viral Miscarriage Vlogger Sam Rader Kicked Out of Conference After Threatening Violence


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