Ashley Madison Has a Stupidity Factor – Men (by B Ellen)

Ashley Madison has a stupidity factor – men

(Link): Ashley Madison has a stupidity factor – men by B. Ellen

  • It’s generally only men who go to such lengths to get sex. For women, supply exceeds demand
  • Am I supposed to feel sorry for those exposed by the Ashley Madison security breach? Well, I don’t.
  • It’s not a moral judgment on my part; it’s just always painful watching people posturing as wild freethinkers, unfettered by convention. To my mind, AM subscribers come across as faux-sexual libertines – too wussy, miserly and/or timid to either have a proper, full-blown affair or hire a sex worker.

  • The irony is that most of the women on the site are now said to be (ta-da!) sex workers.
  • Either that or photographs of fake-women, who don’t exist beyond their beguiling “sexually available” pixels.
  • Then there’s the stupidity factor, and I’m sorry but it’s predominantly male stupidity.

  • Unlike women, men were charged to enter (and indeed exit) the site, which might have given them a small clue as to what was going on. Which hinged on the same thing that’s always gone on – that it’s generally only men who go to such extraordinary lengths to get laid, because women simply don’t need to.
  • Some of you might have noticed from your own days of going to nightclubs how frequently females were let in for free, because that was the only way to get the (fee-paying) males in – and how the reverse never seemed to occur. As the Ashley Madison payment system shows, in some ways this never stops.

  • However “hot” or otherwise, however sexually driven or otherwise a woman might be, she knows she can always get sex – so long as sex is all she wants and she’s not too choosy about the partner.

  • It’s in the female DNA – or at least this is the Ellen view – not to worry about obtaining sex, only about the quality of the sex (and the man). It’s a clear-cut marketplace issue. Women know that the supply will always be there and that the supply will always exceed the demand.
  • Let’s be clear: there aren’t hordes of insane, conceited, delusional women walking around, thinking: “I’m so hot that I can get any man I want!” The whole point is that women don’t have to be particularly hot to get sex.

  • While to a straight man being able to always get laid might look like a super-power, in reality it’s not, unless it truly doesn’t matter to a woman who she has sex with.
  • Once you put desire (whom the woman might want) into the equation, this “power” is exposed for what it is – ultimately worthless. What does it matter to a woman that she could end up having sex with somebody/anybody from a bar/club/website if there’s no one that she’s interested in?
  • Moreover, if a woman wants something deeper, perhaps more relationship-shaped, then that’s where the game sharply changes and the playing field levels. This isn’t necessarily because women want relationships more, and spend their evenings sobbing into their cat’s fur about the non-arrival of their prince, but because finding a special, lasting connection is extremely difficult for both sexes.
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