Marriage is Not A Cure For Pedophilia, Making a Joke of Marriage: Christian Preacher Marries A Known Pedophile To Young Woman, Pedophile Then Apparently Molests His Own Biological Infant Son By That Woman

Marriage is Not A Cure For Pedophilia, Making a Joke of Marriage: Christian Preacher Marries A Known Pedophile To Young Woman, Pedophile Then Apparently Molests His Own Biological Infant Son By That Woman

How many ways can Christians, many of whom claim to support traditional marriage, manage to undermine and make a mockery of it? Here’s one more way.

(Maybe I should come up with some kind of Bingo card for this.)

Doug Wilson, who is a preacher of his own church (Christ Church), married a known pedophile, Steven Sitler, to a young lady named Katie Travis. (This is the (Link): same Doug Wilson who believes that celibacy is impossible for adults.)

A news story was published a few days ago which explains that Sitler and Sitler’s wife, Katie, had a baby boy together, and Sitler apparently (if I am understanding the article correctly) sexually abused his own biological infant son.

Here is one link about that:

(Link):  Idaho sex offender allowed to return home with child


  • September 2015
  • By Samantha Malott
    Moscow-Pullman Daily News
  • MOSCOW, Idaho — A Latah County 2nd District Court judge ordered Tuesday that a convicted sex offender, Steven Sitler, must continue to have an approved chaperone present, within his direct line of sight, at all times he is around his infant child in the wake of new disclosures of “contact resulting in actual sexual stimulation.”

The Free Jinger forum has some background information on all this:

And (more background):

Said Annie B Good in that thread:

  • What gets me is that he [Douglas Wilson] married this desperate girl [Katie Travis], who felt she was an old maid at 23, he’s barred from contact with children, and yet he [Sitler] may be going to father children with a woman he’s not attracted to. Just a total mess. Christ Church should be ashamed of the behavior of their so called leaders.

Someone is keeping a running account of legal documents and so on about Sitler, which you can view here:

I want to pause here to say I am seriously creeped out by the photos on that page of Sitler. He looks almost identical to a co-worker I had on one professional full time job years ago, and it was a guy who I could not stand, the co-worker was a rude, condescending jackass and a hypocrite. Sitler could almost pass for an identical twin to my old co-worker, yikes ahoy.

This is from an older article:

(Link): Two Child Molestation Scandals Break Over Moscow’s Christ Church


  • by J. Opyr, June 2006
  • Steven James Sitler was a student at New St. Andrews College. Jamin Wight [another guy accused of pedophilia] was enrolled in Greyfriars Seminary. Both of these institutions were founded by Pastor Douglas J. Wilson of Moscow’s Christ Church.
  • What happened? In legal terms, Greyfriars Seminary student Jamin Wight pled guilty to one count of felony injury to a child. He was sentenced to four years with retained jurisdiction and is now serving 4 to 6 months in the North Idaho Correctional Institution at Cottonwood.
  • Sitler is a serial child molester. He admits to having sexually abused children ranging in age from 2 to 12 across three states: Virginia, Washington, and Idaho.
  • Doug Wilson did not inform the rank and file of Christ Church. He claims on his blog that he notified a meeting of the Christ Church Heads of Households in November or December of 2005, some eight or nine months after Sitler’s confession, but some in attendance seem to remember this and others don’t.
  • Wilson asserts that he acted with perfect pastoral concern and propriety, but other blogs have taken Wilson and his timeline of events to task. What is clear is that Wilson did not inform Christ Church members of the exact nature of Sitler’s offenses until eight months after Wilson himself learned of the problem.
  • On August 19th, 2005, three or four months before notifying his parishioners of Sitler’s crimes, Doug Wilson wrote a letter on Christ Church letterhead to Judge John Stegner. In that letter, Wilson requested leniency for Steven Sitler
  • …Doug Wilson has written that he believes Sitler was delusional when he was molesting children. Wilson has no training in psychology or counseling, not even ministerial training.
  • Wilson is not ordained.
  • In response to criticism that he did not warn his congregation or the greater Moscow community in an adequate or timely fashion, Wilson writes: “I am a pastor. I cover up sins for a living.”

This is from a poster, debrand, on the Free Jinger forum (link to thread with post):

  • Steve  [Sitler] was being married off to Katie because of the [child molesting] charges against him.
  • I guess that Doug [Wilson] thought that marriage would somehow cure his tendencies toward little kids?
  • —–(begin quote, which I think is by the pedophile, Steven Sitler?) —-
  • It was something like Friday or Saturday when Mr. Iverson called me and wanted to know if he could meet with me face to face. I didn’t have very much time that day, but it worked if I went to friendship square right then.
  • So I showed up in my dirty Car-harts and my paint covered T-shirt to meet Mr. Iverson, dressed in his best and surrounded by some hundred NSA students all dressed up for convocation week.
  • I sheepishly said hello, and he pulled me aside and told me that dinner on Sunday wasn’t just an ordinary dinner, that he had in fact gotten a young girl, Katie Travis, and her family to stay an extra day to meet me. They were all in Moscow to drop off Jenni, Katie’s younger sister, for her Sophomore year at NSA.
  • His description of Katie was that, though NSA was tough for her, she persevered through and she was, “pretty good looking, too”. Though the whole meeting, and the thought of being inspected by three people at once was a little nerve wracking, I said that it all sounded great.
  • — (end quote) —
  • Before it goes dead, here is a video of the couple’s wedding. If Steven ever abuses again, everyone involved in finding him some gullible young woman to marry-including her fucked up parents-should be sued for everything that they owe. Seriously, what kind of mom or dad would encourage their child to marry a known pedophile?
  • The girl is some sort of sacrificial lamb.

The sexism is also stomach-churning. Perfectly nice, NON CHILD DIDDLING adults (adult women) such as myself cannot get married, yet, churches fix up KNOWN CHILD RAPISTS and FONDLERS with spouses, and they have to think in terms of that spouse’s physical appearance (‘she was “pretty good looking, too”.)

A pedophile does not deserve any wife at all, let alone a “pretty good looking one.”

Some Christians will teach you that if you are still single it’s because God is “cleaning you up” or cleansing you of some sin or another, before he will grant you a spouse. This teaching is so bogus, in light of the fact we see supposed Christians who are pedophiles, such as Sitler, who are married in their 20s, and at that, with the encouragement and blessing of a preacher and church.

I may have my flaws, but child molesting or sexually fetishizing children and infants is not one of them.

So, how is it that God is “rewarding” perverts such as (according to news articles) baby raping Sitler with spouses, but normal, and by comparison, upstanding, decent people such as myself are not being rewarded?

By the way, I have written of that Christian teaching before here:

debrand, of the Free Jinger forum, did another post under that first one I partially copied above, saying:

  • I suppose that is Doug Wilson officiating at the wedding [i.e, the wedding of the pedophile Steven Sitler to Katie Travis]? Somehow he manages to look smarmy even when saying nothing but just looking at the bride. He states that “This is a Christian wedding.”
  • If a Christian wedding means that you cover for a pedophile, I think that all people-including Christians-should run like hell from one.

A few more posts by debrand:

  • The following description of Ed Iverson, Steven Sitler, Doug Wilson and everyone else involved in this insane tragedy of a marriage makes me respect the writer, Rose Huskey, quite a bit.
  • —(start quote by Rose Huskey)—
  • …..What led Ed Iverson, Doug Wilson, Tim Tucker, and all the elders of Christ Church, to choose Katie Travis to be their local trash collector? What could she possibly have done to them to deserve what she is going to get in the years ahead?
  • They are keenly aware of Steven Sitler’s long history of molesting young children, and yet they acted as a trio of grotesque matchmakers (the witches of Macbeth and a bedraggled Greek chorus comes to mind) in giving their blessing to this match.
  • —(end quote by Rose Huskey)—

Another kicker is that the parents of Sitler the pedophile were members of the Christian Family and Marriage Idolaters FOTF organization (Focus on the Family), but sent FOTF a letter chewing them out for not being godly enough.

I am not so sure that parents of a pedophile can afford to be sitting on such high horses, judging some other Christian organization for supposedly being too lax on family values.

Granted, they are not their son, and their son is responsible for his own actions, but this just didn’t sit right with me on some level.

This is again from debrand of the Free Jinger forum:

  • Here is a letter from Steven’s parents [parents of the child molester] describing why they are cancelling their subscription to Focus on the Family.
  • They were upset that Dobson [who is head of FOTF] said something positive about public school.
  • Here are some random quotes out of order. Please remember as you read this that their son molested multiple children.
  • —(start quote by parents of Sitler the pedophile to Focus on the Family)—
    I dare say there is no “battle” for the hearts and minds of American’s Christian youth – we willingly turn over our “soldiers” to the other side of the cultural war.


    Please remove us from your mailing list for the Focus on the Family Magazine. We have been receiving your magazine for a number of years but after receiving the last issue with the article, Rebuilding Hope for Public Schools, we have concluded that we no longer desire to have this kind of “milktoast” Christianity coming into our home.

    The article on Charter schools was equally offensive to the informed. You have done a disservice to all by holding out to your readers a false sense of hope that public schools can be “rebuilt”.

    Mr. Dobson, when is the church in America going to wake up and realize that we are sending our children off to a pagan institution which is steeped in humanism and espouses a total worldview which is the very antithesis of Christianity?

    We are so far removed from a Christian understanding of education that we justify this public school “choice” as simply a matter of Christian liberty – as if education could ever be considered neutral territory.

    What ever happened to, “he who is not for me is against me”, and “do all to the glory of God”, and “bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ”?

    The church dares to preach to the world about the state of our ungodly culture. Christianity, today, seems blind to the fact that we participate in building that ungodly culture by justifying participation in its main indoctrination center.

    We contribute our most precious possessions to the ungodly (in this case, the State – to which God never gave the duty nor the authority to educate. This is not the civil magistrate’s job).
    [the letter goes on for quite some more length along those lines]
    [the letter is signed as]
    Dave & Roxanne Sitler
    (address on file)
    —(end quote by parents of Sitler the pedophile to Focus on the Family)—

There are other blogs (mostly Christian ones) who are covering this story from other angles, such as child sexual abuse and so on, so I won’t myself discuss it from those same vantage points on my blog.

I believe any thinking, feeling person will already recognize what a nightmare child sex abuse is (except for Christian pew sitters and pastors who continue to excuse and defend pedophiles, or argue over-board and ad nauseum how such perverts deserve God’s grace too, that is, and yes, such demented weirdos actually exist), so I don’t find it necessary to comment on that too much on my blog.

I was brought up in a Christian household, used to be a Christian gender complementarian (a view which says husbands are the boss of the wife, women are inferior to men – they will deny they teach women are inferior to men, but that is exactly what they teach and believe), and I used to take Christian teachings (specifically evangelical and Southern Baptist teachings) on marriage, sexuality, and dating seriously.

Christians will teach you things such as: stay a virgin until you marry (and it’s often implied if you remain a virgin, God will bless you with a wonderful spouse. Other Christians come right out and say married sex will be great and frequent, if you refrain from sex until marriage); they will instruct you to be “equally yoked.”

That is, under the “equally yoked” rubric, they will insist that the Bible (based on two verses in the New Testament) tells Christians it is wrong or a sin to marry a Non-Christian.

Christians also buy into a lot of secular stereotypes about gender roles and sexuality, the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” shtick, which I no longer personally agree with (see (Link): this post for more on that, if you like).

Many evangelicals tend to act as though (Link): divorce is the unpardonable sin. They often complain or cry about how easy and common divorce is, that marriages just don’t last like they used to.

The older I’ve gotten, I’ve had a harder and harder time taking Christian teachings on marriage seriously, as well as their complaints about divorce, when they do things like coach abused wives to stay in hideous marriages to abusive men, and when I read things about how a preacher knowingly married a KNOWN pedophile to a young Christian woman who was seeking marriage.

I rejected the “Equally Yoked” teaching a couple or more years ago.

Christians cannot seriously expect me to believe it is any more horrible, wrong, or sinful for a Christian woman to marry an atheist, Hindu, or some other sort of Non-Christian but then turn around and promote the practice of  Christian single women marrying known pedophiles.

How is a marriage between a Christian living a garden variety life, with sin no greater or no lesser sin than that of the Average Joe, to a man known to sexually prey on babies (BABIES, INFANTS!) and under-aged children, an “equally yoked” marriage?

There are Christians who advocate that single Christian women should marry porn users and porn addicts, such as:

I would say it would be better and more pure and holy for a Christian single woman to marry a Jewish guy, atheist, agnostic, or New Ager who does NOT molest children (and who treats her with love and consideration), than for that same woman to marry a so-called, self professing Christian who sexually abuses children, including his own biological son, who is an infant.

Telling Christian single women that they should marry porn users, porn addicts, and pedophiles, or encouraging them to do any of these things, is NOT respecting the institution of marriage. And it certainly is NOT showing respect TO WOMEN.

Christians claim to respect marriage, but their actions and attitudes say otherwise. They actually violate other biblical principles about marriage, relationships, holiness, and purity to defend or promote marriage.

This is another indication that Christians have turned marriage into a deity: so desperate are they to get more people to marry and to marry at younger ages, they are actually advocating un-wise, questionable, or un-biblical principles, such as early marriage, advising marriage to porn addicts, and arranging marriages between innocent parties to known pedophiles.

Remember in the Old Testament how God was upset that the pagans were sacrificing live infants to their god Molech (there are variations of this name’s spelling)?

  • Leviticus 18:21:
  • “‘Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molek, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the LORD.

The pagans were burning infants to death to appease Molech. They would place living infants into a heated metal sculpture, which would burn the child to death, if I remember correctly. (Which is a totally awful and cruel practice – what the hell is wrong with people??) Anyway.

Here we have Christians sacrificing the well being, the happiness, the safety, sanity, the spiritual growth, and who knows what else, of single Christian women on the altar of smut, sin, sexual deviancy, and perversion to uphold their deity of MARRIAGE.

  • Side note: Please understand I am NOT opposed to marriage!
  • I don’t think it is wrong for an adult single to (a) desire marriage, to want marriage, or to (b) pursue marriage (e.g., by joining a dating site), nor do I think either (a) or (b) is making marriage an idol.
  • As I’ve said many times on this blog, I would still like to marry eventually myself. I am not opposed to marriage or people desiring to marry.
  • My problem is with Christians who do things like promote sexist, dangerous, strange, or unhealthy doctrines and practices to do whatever it takes to get people married, or to guilt trip them into marrying the wrong person, to marry a scum ball or an abuser, or to pressure singles to marry before they feel ready.

I take it that Douglas Wilson is under the very mistaken notion that marrying a male pedophile off to a heterosexual adult woman will either “cure” the pedophile of his sexual desire for children, or, he will be so satisfied with normal marital hetero sex he won’t want to diddle children. What a naive view.

You can probably Google some studies that show that pedophilia is an inborn trait or strong inclination of some kind that cannot be “cured” or “treated” merely by having the pedophile marry a hetero adult. I have read enough on the topic of pedophiles online to say there is no easy solution, cure, or treatment.

Pedophiles and hebephiles (link to Wiki about hebephilia) have a deep desire or inclination to be drawn to, or sexually stimulated by, children, and no amount of adult- on- adult nooky is going to change that or erase it, from what I have read.

Some studies suggest that the brains of pedophiles are constructed to be sexually stimulated by children.

Off site links, Daily Beast, Huffington Post :

And yes, Wilson’s strategy of trying to heal or cover for Sitler the child diddler by marrying him to Katie is sacrificing the wife for the sake of the sexual pervert.

Women are always victimized in conservative (and sometimes liberal) Christianity, where men make the rules, lord authority over women, and are seldom held accountable for their sins against women or children.

Women are blamed for the sexual faults of men and are expected to carry the sexual sin burdens of men or to “fix” the men in some way.

Christians expecting Christian women to marry porn addicts, abusers, and pedophiles, and to stay married to such men (many, though not all, Christians usually forbid divorce for any reason), have no respect at all for marriage, and they really ought to stop pretending as though they do respect marriage.

These sorts of Christians need to stop their hypocritical rants against things like high divorce rates, delayed marriage, adult singleness, and the legalization of homosexual marriage.

Seeing a church, a pastor, and a segment of Christian culture, that actually promotes and defends the idea of single women marrying pedophiles or porn addicts, once more verifies my resolve or choice to be open to dating and marrying Non-Christian men, to take the “equally yoked” teaching and toss it in the trash.

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