News sites: Josh Duggar Joked About Molesting His Sisters, Has No Remorse for Extra-Marital Affairs

News sites: Josh Duggar Joked About Molesting His Sisters, Has No Remorse for Extra-Marital Affairs

(Link): Josh Duggar Has ‘No Remorse’ For Cheating On Anna, Mistress List May Grow: Report


  • “19 Kids and Counting” star Josh Duggar isn’t sorry about being unfaithful to his wife of six years, Anna Duggar, (Link): Entertainment Tonight wrote in an exclusive report Tuesday.
  • The former TLC reality star was already embroiled in a sex scandal when he was exposed in the Ashley Madison hack last month. Duggar issued an apology before he went to a rehab center, but apparently it wasn’t sincere.

(Link): Josh Duggar “No Remorse” 

(Link): Josh Duggar has ‘no remorse’ about being unfaithful to wife Anna and even ‘JOKED about molestation scandal’


  • Josh Duggar has ‘no remorse’ about being unfaithful to his wife Anna according to a source close to the family
  • The source also claims that Josh joked about the revelation he had molested five minors when he was a teenager

  • Josh is currently in a faith-based rehab program in Illinois while his wife is living with her in-laws while raising their four children
  • Anna appeared at the wedding of Amy Duggar this past weekend and seemed ‘somber’ according to a source and skipped the reception
  • Two women have come forward claiming they had affairs with Josh over the past few years, with one claiming he paid her twice and was ‘violent’



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