Preacher Spanked Vulnerable Women’s Nude Butts Who Went To Him For Help with Financial or Emotional Problems

Preacher Spanked Vulnerable Women’s Nude Butts Who Went To Him For Help with Financial or Emotional Problems

This is also another example of why you do not want to take advice on dating or marriage from Christians – the people giving you the dating advice, on how to date, whom to date, and so on – are often closeted sexual deviants or losers at love themselves.

I get more than a little tired of preachers and churches either ignoring celibate singles, or treating us like slime because we never married and had kids. Here we are, actually living out the Bible’s commands to remain sexually pure, and do we get ticker tape parades or certificates of appreciation from other Christians? No, no, no.

They are too busy going on and on about how honorable motherhood is, or sermonizing about 15 steps to having a better marriage.

In the meanwhile, some of these jackholes are into sexual perversion, the hypocrites. I’m not sure if the preacher in this news story is married with children or not.

Here is another example of a hypocrite and sex pervert who has probably given sermons on how to have a great marriage, or has probably written blog posts telling adult singles how and who to date:

(Link):  Pastor ran bottom-spanking cult by brainwashing women to think he was exorcising demons, court told

 Sept 18, 2015

By Croydon Advertiser

A PASTOR sexually abused women by brainwashing them in spanking sessions that he said would exorcise their demons, a court has heard.

Howard Curtis, 72, is accused of running a “cult” when he was pastor and leader of the “religion-based-organisation” Coulsdon Christian Fellowship, in Chipstead Valley Road, where he would allegedly spank women and children “to bring them closer to God”.

Curtis, now of Bloxworth Close, Wallington, denies a total of 12 charges, including four counts of sexual assault, two of indecent assault, five of child cruelty and one of assault by penetration, against seven different victims.

His trial started at Croydon Crown Court today.

Jane Osborne, prosecuting, said Curtis had “disciplined” the women, sometimes at his office in the church or their own homes, by spanking them, for his own pleasure.

“Women who had previously suffered from domestic and sexual abuse, depression and financial difficulties, came to the church and turned to the defendant for help,” she said.

“They believed that he was a seasoned and experienced counsellor. When, in fact, the counselling took place he would abuse the trust they had placed in them by physically abusing them, spanking them over their bare bottoms, getting them to strip naked and touching them intimately, under the guise of exorcising their demons.”

…She said Curtis had also disciplined young children, sometimes the children of women he had assaulted, though that abuse had not been sexual in nature.

…”Any discipline was done by striking the bare flesh with a bare hand, so that the discipline was done flesh to flesh.

…”He told his followers that he had received a message from God, a vision, a vision related to Cane Hill. He had been told he would own Cane Hill and would have a congregation of 1,000 there.”

The alleged child abuse is said to have taken place on five different occasions on four victims between 1969 and 2008, while the alleged sexual and indecent assaults, on three different women, were said to have taken place over the last 30 years.

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