Man Stomped Wife’s Head in Until She Died, Also Ran Her Over With Car

Man Stomped Wife’s Head in Until She Died, Also Ran Her Over With Car

(Link): Illinois Man Stomped Wife’s Head in Until She Died


An Illinois man has been convicted of murder after he reportedly murdered his wife of 12 years in a horrifically violent manner. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 62-year-old Jerry Nichols of Crest Hill (Link): tried to pass his evil actions off as an accident, but he wasn’t able to fool anybody when forensics — along with witness accounts — proved what happened to the 55-year-old woman.

The incident took place back in 2013, when Nichols reportedly ran over his wife, by “accident,” with his Honda sedan. Of course, his side of the story changed multiple times. According to authorities, he claimed that he had accidentally run the woman over once, then changed it to twice. Of course, he was trying to cover up what had really happened. Unlucky for the Illinois man, paramedics witnessed what had actually happened to the woman after she was run over at least once.

Jerry Nichols reportedly stomped on his wife’s head and face repeatedly until she was dead — an act that was witnessed by incoming emergency responders. While the woman suffered from injuries inflicted by the sedan that plowed her down, she was brutally stomped to death by the man she had married and with whom she shared her life for a dozen years. Of course, an investigation uncovered more evidence, which proved that his actions were premeditated, which only further contrasted against his varying stories.


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