Synagogue Worker: I was Fired for Having Sex Before Marriage

Synagogue worker: I was Fired for Having Sex Before Marriage

The same thing has happened to women who work for or at Christian places of employment; I have blogged about it before (see links about that, at the bottom of this post, under “Related Posts”).

Notice that only women are penalized in this scheme, since one cannot tell just from looking at a guy if he’s fathered any children.

I also find this strange and very discriminatory – there are so many people having sex outside of marriage these days (both men and women), what do such organizations plan on doing, trying to fire every woman who has pre-marital sex?

And why not try harder to determine if THE MEN are pre-marital boinking, and fire some of them, too?

They cannot pull this off, they cannot get every last person who pre-marital boinks fired from every company in America, so they single out the one or two women who work for them in particular.

Meanwhile, there are bazillions of fornicating women employed all over the nation and still employed as I type this.

Even Christian women fornicate, and some of them do so via oral sex or other “Non-Penis in the Vagina” sexual activity. You cannot tell from looking at those women they are getting or receiving oral sex, or participating in other types of sex acts, so it seems even one more step removed to “pick on” single women who are pregnant, because their sex act (which results in pregnancy) is more visually obvious.

Would such people prefer women like one in this story get an abortion, to hide the fact they had pre-marital sex?

Many of these conservative religious groups complain out that ying yang that women are having abortions in droves, so rather than punish women who are having conceptions out of wedlock, shouldn’t they be expressing some amount of gratitude that such women are opting to have a kid, rather than abort it?

I do still believe that both Old and New Testaments forbid women AND MEN from having sex prior to marriage, but I don’t know about religious groups doing things like firing people (and it’s almost always women) who do have sex prior to marriage.

How is this woman supposed to pay for doctor’s visits, baby formula, diapers and other stuff her new baby will need, if they fire her? One of these articles says after being fired, she won’t have medical coverage.

If this religious group cares about babies and “the family” (Gawd knows evangelical Christians never shut up professing to care about both, and no, I’m not opposed to “the family” only the obsession with it that my fellow conservatives have), shouldn’t they keep her on at her job, so she can buy diapers and stuff for the new kid?

(Link):  Jewish congregation in Manhattan accused of firing employee because she was pregnant at time of wedding

(Link):  Synagogue Accused of Firing Woman for Being Pregnant at Her Wedding

  • Congregation Shearith Israel, a Manhattan synagogue known as the first Jewish congregation in the U.S., allegedly fired an employee because she was 19 weeks pregnant at the time of her marriage, according to a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.
  • The employee, Alana Shultz, alleged in the lawsuit that she was fired from her job as a program director at the Upper West Side synagogue once officials learned that she was pregnant at the time of her marriage in June. She was about 23 weeks pregnant when she was fired in July, according to the complaint.

  • …After Ms. Shultz hired a lawyer, synagogue officials “attempted to ‘un-fire’ her,” according to the complaint. They sent her a letter that allegedly reinstated her, the complaint said.
  • “Now that they’ve rescinded the termination, we know the whole basis, which is the restructuring, which is a pretext, is false,” Mr. Wigdor said.
  • Ms. Shultz declined to be rehired.

(Link):  Synagogue worker: I was fired for having sex before marriage


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