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Russell Wilson, Ciara, and Who Else Is Not Having Sex




Russell Wilson, Ciara, and Who Else Is Not Having Sex

You know what most of these writers and most of the media never report on or comment on? People who are still virgins over the age of 30.

They marvel at these celebrities who are around 27 or 34 years old (which the following page I link you to discusses), ones who were previously fornicating, but who become engaged, and then stay celibate until their wedding day six months later.

Big deal.

I’m over 40 and haven’t had sex at all… the Christian media is not celebrating adults such as myself. (And I have a sex drive.)

This also points out one minor point I mentioned once or twice before on my own blog- not everyone is having sex. But you wouldn’t know this from our hyper sexualized cutlure.

This page below also links to a few articles I’ve linked to here on my blog a year or more ago.

(Link): Russell Wilson, Ciara, and Who Else Is Not Having Sex by K. Shellnut


  • ….But the public face of abstinence is changing. It’s no longer just teens from super-Christian homes or the ones we fear will ditch their promise rings any day now. Take the case of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and hip-hop singer Ciara.
  • Wilson, 26 years old and a practicing Christian, ended his marriage to his high school sweetheart two years ago. Ciara—known for songs such as “Goodies,” “1-2 Step,” and, most recently, “Dance Like We’re Making Love”—has dated a string of rappers and has a young son. Because both of them are attractive, famous adults who have been in sexual relationships in the past, many would assume they’d inevitably sleep together. It’s the 21st century, and that’s what hot people do. But at Wilson’s request, they chose not to.
  • ….Evangelicals constantly point out elements of today’s hyper-sexualized culture: the rise of sexting, widespread porn use, the normalization of cohabitation, and the prevalence of revealing images of women in the media. These things remain significant issues as the church promotes a Christian sexual ethic. But for all the concerns about the place of sex in our society, this counter-trend—singles opting out of sex by choice or by circumstance—rarely comes up.

  • In a New York Times op-ed titled (Link): When Your Sex Life Doesn’t Follow the Script,” Rachel Hills spoke out against the overwhelming expectation that everyone, married or single, should be having sex regularly. She writes:

    Most of us go through periods when our sex lives don’t match the script that has been laid out for us. Maybe you want less sex than you used to, and you’re wondering what that means for your relationship. Maybe you’re semi-involuntarily celibate in a world that imagines single life as one long Sex and the City or Entourageepisode. Maybe your sex drive is blazing, but you’re not currently able to find an outlet for it, or your deepest carnal desires are something you were raised to think of as disgusting. Maybe you’ve never understood what the big deal was, and you’d rather hang out with friends or eat a really good slice of pizza.

    Despite what pop culture tells us, Hills contends, sex is not some “perpetually dripping tap that everyone is drinking from.”

  • Perhaps as we observe America’s changing sexual norms, we can take the chance to celebrate a small victory: a slight but growing recognition of abstinence as a valid option. Last Week Tonight host John Oliver recently created a celebrity-filled sex ed video. He included the line, “If you want to be abstinent, that’s fine! Abstinence is like being a vegetarian. Some people might make fun of you. Those people are [jerks].”

  • ..When abstinence is framed as “I chose this because it felt right to me,” it’s nearly impossible to criticize. Cosmo magazine,known for its over-the-top teasers and sex tips, has listed (Link): things not to say to [twenty something] adult virgins.

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