Sex as Cultural Idol – post at S. McKnight’s Blog (Re: Brian Harris book)

Sex as Cultural Idol – post at S. McKnight’s Blog

Not only is sex a secular cultural idol, it has been turn into an idol by most denominations of American Christianity – right along with marriage and natalism (“the nuclear family”) being turned into idols.

I’m only going to do an excerpt about sex, the part of the McKnight post that talks about sex being made into an idol by culture. Please click the link below to visit the guy’s blog to read the rest of the post.

Sex has been turned into such a huge idol by secular culture that virgins are having to write posts defending remaining a virgin (such as (Link): mentioned in this post)

Really, people – culture – should respect virginity more, and respect the choice of adults to stay virgins (or to be celibates, in the case of fornicators who are now abstaining, though not all celibates are non-virgins).

People who are virgins should not have to write blog posts or essays explaining why they are virgins, or to defend their lifestyle choice on that score.

Virgins having to explain or defend their virginity is doubly offensive and amazing in that we are living in a culture that celebrates any and all forms of sexual deviancy and behavior, aside from maybe things like pedophilia.

(Link): Cultural Idols and the Church


  • …Brian Harris, in his fine new book, The Big Picture: Building Blocks of a Christian World View, examines our complicities in our cultures.
  • …To foster conversation about our [Christianity’s] relationship to culture, Brian examines the classic typology of H. Richard (not Reinhold) Niebuhr (but Reinhold’s brother).
  • Here are the five [the Christian Pundit blog is listing only one of the five]:
  • Idol 4: Sex — he observes that the kingdom will be a “sex free zone” (59), relativizing sex, leading to this:

  • “Those who are scandalized that Christians could contemplate the validity of gay sexual relationships don’t question whether they are attaching too much importance to sex – is it really so important, if sex is one of those things that will pass away?

  • Likewise those who consider it an outrageous injustice to deny gay people a context in which to express their sexual orientation also fail to question if they are attaching too much importance to sex.
  • Again, if sex is one of those things that will pass away, is it really unthinkable to suggest that it is more appropriate for some to remain sexually inactive? If this is hard to read, ask if it is not because in our sexually obsessed society we have accepted the myth that sex is life’s greatest joy. If we believe it is, we are bowing the knee to one of the idols of our age” (60).


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