The Muppets Are Having Sex Now – editorial from RNS

The Muppets Are Having Sex Now – editorial from RNS

And I just did this post on the previous blog page: (Link): Sex as Cultural Idol – post at S. McKnight’s Blog (Re: Brian Harris book)

Here is the commentary from RNS:

(Link): How ABC’s ‘The Muppets’ killed Jim Henson’s vision of making the world a kinder place (COMMENTARY)


(RNS) The Muppets are back — and they’re having a lot of sex.

So much, in fact, that Franklin Graham and One Million Moms called for “responsible viewers everywhere” to urge ABC to drop the new series. The reboot, warned Graham on his (Link): Facebook page, will cover a range of topics, including sex and drugs, with no topic off-limits.

“The puppet characters loved by kids in the 1970s and 1980s,” reads a (Link): release from One Million Moms, “are now weighing in on interspecies relationships and promiscuity.”

It’s not every day that either Graham or the Moms find mainstream support, but even the (Link):  A.V. Club’s Gwen Ihnat found herself forced to explain to her child one of the show’s many sexual innuendos.

…Henson was raised as a Christian Scientist, as Timothy Dale, co-editor of “Jim Henson and Philosophy,” explains. But Henson “began to distance himself from the church” later in life, Dale said, choosing instead to emphasize “a broader message of inclusivity and diversity that wasn’t bound by any particular doctrine.”

In his biography of Henson, Brian Jay Jones acknowledges the Muppet creator’s move away from his childhood religion, particularly after the death of his mother.

“When it came down to it, Jim was more spiritual than religious,” he writes.

Henson himself fleshed out his spiritual impulse in “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”


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