Chris Harper Mercer (Oregon Gunman) Angry Over Being Single and A Virgin

Chris Harper Mercer (Oregon Gunman) Angry Over Being Single and A Virgin

This is the third male on my blog I’ve discussed who was so angry over being single and a virgin that he killed other people. (I will put links about the other two guys under the “Related Posts” section at the end of this post.)

Talk about entitlement with those guys.

I’m over 40, still single, would like to be married and having sex, but I don’t deal with bouts of disappointment or loneliness by taking out shotguns, AK-47s, and glocks and shooting people, geeze-a-ma-loo.

Get a grip, frustrated male virgins – women and the world don’t owe you dates, sex, women, marriage, or girlfriends.

And, by the way, if this is an issue, stop buying into society’s condemnation of virginity and celibacy. That most people in culture ((Link): atheists and Christians, left wingers and right wingers) have hang-ups about virginity and celibacy is THEIR problem, not yours.

Being single and/or celibate / a virgin does not make you a loser – which is what many cultures round the world teach singles, but you have to tune them out.

At this point, I’m not completely sure what motivated Harper-Mercer to kill people at the college. I suspect it may be a combination of factors: mental illness, hatred of religious people, anger over being single. I don’t think it’s any one, single thing that drove the guy.

But according to some of these reports, being single was perhaps one factor. I didn’t want to blog about this until I saw more confirmation about it today. I did see articles that appeared about two, three, however many days ago, saying he was quite angry over being single.

There is really something wrong with any culture that is producing men who get so upset or angry over being single or a virgin that they deal with their anger, entitlement, and frustration by killing people.

One of the things I find strange about these types of guys is that they seem to think losing their virginity will make their lives better or easier. I know some single adults probably think the same thing: ‘if only I can get married, THEN I will be happy, all my problems will be solved.’

Oh no. Look around you at all the people who ARE married, who ARE having sex, and they are not any more happy than virgins or singles. I have a blog post on my blog where I keep track of married couples (many of whom I assume are sexually active with each other) who are unhappy, miserable, and who abuse or cheat on their spouses. Having sex, dating, or getting married are not guarantees for happiness in life.

Look at all the rock stars and movie stars who are sexy, live in mansions, have huge bank accounts: some of them get married ten times to ten different people over a period of years (move star Liz Taylor also comes to mind).

In spite of the fact that actresses such as Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry are filthy rich, thin, pretty, and have successful careers, their spouses STILL had affairs on them. There is no guarantee that if you marry and have sex that it will be a recipe for success and happiness in life.

(Link): Oregon college gunman Christopher Harper-Mercer ‘left manifesto’ complaining about not having girlfriend

(Link):  Gunman who killed 9 at Oregon community college ranted about having no girlfriend, officials say

(Link):  Once Again, Mass Shooter Tries to Pin the Blame on Women Not Wanting to Date Him

In what is quickly becoming tradition for mass-murdering maniacs, Roseburg shooter Chris Harper-Mercer evidently ranted about not having a girlfriend in writings left at the scene, the Associated Press reports.

(Link):  Official: Ore. gunman ranted about lack of girlfriend

(Link):  Christopher Harper-Mercer, Oregon gunman, ranted in writings about having no girlfriend

(Link):  REVEALED: Oregon gunman ranted about being a ‘friendless virgin in hate-filled manifesto’

(Link): Oregon killer ranted about being ‘friendless virgin in twisted manifesto’

by Tom Parfitt

THE sicko who gunned down last week allegedly ranted in a hate-filled manifesto he left behind about not having a girlfriend.

Chris Harper-Mercer reportedly complained about being “friendless and a virgin” and scrawled 666 – the number of the Devil – across the papers.

(Link): Chris Harper Mercer manifesto: ‘I am going to die a virgin’

The letter reports NBC News also included Mercer complaining that he did not have a girlfriend, adding that ‘he felt the world was against him’. The full letter is yet to be released by investigators. 

The hate filled letter also included Mercer writing that he would be wrote that he would be ‘welcomed in Hell and embraced by the devil.’

According to police sources via CBS the note was a ‘philosophical rant of someone who was mad at the world.’ The source added the note was focused a great deal on the suspect’s low opinion of himself.

(Link):  Oregon Shooting Update: Chris Harper-Mercer Ranted About Not Having Girlfriend In Manifesto Left For Police

(Link):  Mass Murderers Fit Profile, as Do Many Others Who Don’t Kill

‘History of Frustration’

They do not fit in. Their most comfortable companion is themselves. According to Dr. Fox, mass killers tend to be “people in social isolation with a lack of support systems to help them through hard times and give them a reality check.”

“They have a history of frustration,” he went on. “They externalize blame. Nothing is ever their fault. They blame other people even if other people aren’t to blame. They see themselves as good guys mistreated by others.”

…Mr. Harper-Mercer showed signs of such isolation and despair. Like others, he appeared smitten by past mass killers. “They see them as heroes,” Dr. Fox said. “Someone who wins one for the little guy.”

Elliot O. Rodger, a 22-year-old California college student, had not had any friends since grade school. What little interactions he had seemed to be online, while playing the video game World of Warcraft.

Many mass killers gravitate to violent video games, as do many young men in general, though this could be more a symptom of their isolation than a cause of their violence.

A parent of an elementary school classmate said her husband had refused to allow their son to spend the night with Mr. Rodger, who would hide in their home when he would visit. Simon Astaire, who served as the family spokesman, said at the time, “He was as withdrawn as any person I ever met in my life.”

As a teenager, he received a diagnosis of a developmental disorder identified in part by a difficulty interacting with others.

At Santa Barbara City College, Mr. Rodger clashed with his roommates and lived a life online. He stopped attending classes, and he posted videos about being rejected by women.

Not long before he acted, he posted a video to YouTube. It showed him sitting behind the steering wheel of his BMW, ranting about his isolation, the women who had shown no interest in him and his disappointment at being a virgin. He complained, as well, about all the sexually active men who were enjoying life more than he was.

“It all has to come to this,” Mr. Rodger said in the video. “Tomorrow is the day of retribution. The day I will have my retribution against humanity. Against all of you.”

On May 23, 2014, he stabbed three men to death in his apartment, then drove off and shot three others from his car in the crowded streets of Isla Vista. After two shootouts with sheriff’s deputies, he killed himself.

Pedro Alberto Vargas was another solitary man; he lived with his elderly mother in an apartment complex in Hialeah, Fla., and rarely spoke with anyone. One of the few people he talked to — an acquaintance at the gym — told reporters that Mr. Vargas had exercised as a way to release his anger, and that he had had bad experiences with women.

He had a checkered employment history. A graphic designer, Mr. Vargas clashed with a supervisor at Miami Dade College, his alma mater, who had written that Mr. Vargas “lacks social skills” and that “it is hard for him to accept change.”

When the college discovered in 2008 that he had downloaded inappropriate files from the Internet, including some related to violence and sex, he was forced to resign. That pattern continued at his next two jobs, with Mr. Vargas fired after brief stints.

On July 26, 2013, Mr. Vargas, 42, brought a gasoline can into his apartment. He poured the gasoline over a stack of money on the floor and lit a match. The building managers, a married couple, rushed to the apartment, and (Link): Mr. Vargas fatally shot them. He left the apartment and continued shooting, killing four more people before being killed by the police.

…With many of the killers, the signs are of anger and disappointment and solitude.



Christopher Harper-Mercer wrote out twisted document before shooting 

The 26-year-old gunman also said he would die ‘friendless and a virgin’

Also spoke about his obsession with the devil and ‘hatred of everyone’

On Monday, some students and staffed returned to Umpqua Community College for the first time since the massacre  

The gunman who executed nine people at an Oregon community college ranted about not having a girlfriend in his hate-filled manifesto.

Christopher Harper-Mercer also said he thought everyone else was ‘crazy’ – and he was the sane one – in the twisted document he left at Umpqua Community College after last week’s shooting.

The 26 year old also wrote about dying ‘friendless and a virgin’ on a sheaf of papers that had the number 666 scrawled across them.

He wrote something to the effect of: ‘Other people think I’m crazy, but I’m not. I’m the sane one,’ the official said.

The manifesto was a couple of pages long.

In it, he also spoke of his obsession with the devil. A source familiar with the document told People Magazine: ‘The guy did this for satanic reasons. He did it to become a god in hell.’

Over the weekend a police source  confirmed that Mercer – whose father Ian is from Preston, Lancashire – had left behind a typewritten manifesto along with a computer drive outlining his ‘motives’ for the massacre.

‘He had a hatred of black people, women, everyone,’ the source said, adding: ‘The drive and manifesto are being analysed. There is a lot about his hatred of organised religion.’

Mercer, who was enrolled in an English class at the college, killed himself after gunning down the students and teachers.

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