Once Married, Twice Shy: Remarriage Rates Are Plummeting by B. DePaulo

Once Married, Twice Shy: Remarriage Rates Are Plummeting

(Link):  Once Married, Twice Shy: Remarriage Rates Are Plummeting


Yet amidst all the matrimania that shows no signs of slowing, something else is slowing quite dramatically – the rates of remarrying. These days, once people have tried marriage, they are less likely to do so again, compared to a few decades ago.

Here’s some of what we know about remarriage in the U.S., courtesy of the (Link): Council of Contemporary Families:

    1. In 1990, 50 out of every 1,000 people who had previously been married got married again. By 2013, that number was down to 28 of every 1,000 – a decrease of about 40 percent.
    2. Even when people do remarry, they take longer to get there. A decade or so ago, half of the people who remarried did so within about 3 years. Now, it takes about 4 years.
    3. Getting remarried is a guy thing. Nearly twice as many men as women who were previously married try it all over again (40 out of every 1,000 for men vs. 21 of 1,000 for women).
    4. Remarriages are still a big chunk of all marriages. Four out of every 10 marriages are remarriages for one of the people in the couple, and one in five are remarriages for both.

….. In fact, Americans spend (Link): more years of their adult lives not married than married.

I think our culture is so saturated with wedding themes and marriage plots and the hyping of all things having to do with coupling not because we are so secure about the place of marriage in our society and in our lives, but because we are so insecure about it.

If marriage were really so self-evidently attractive, it would not need all the cheerleading it has been getting.


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