Cops: Mom Allegedly Made, Sold Sexually-Charged Breastfeeding Videos

Cops: Mom Allegedly Made, Sold Sexually-Charged Breastfeeding Videos

Another notch in the bedpost of arguments against the Southern Baptist, Reformed, evangelical Protestant, Fundamentalist, and what seems to be the Roman Catholic propaganda that being a mother makes a woman more godly, loving, and mature…

Notice also that it was a married man who was buying and viewing these videos. Christians like to argue that single adults are horny horn dogs who are sexual deviants, and that married people are more godly and sexually ethical than singles – but I am forever seeing news stories about married people who are caught engaging in sexually perverse acts, like in this story.

Also, married sex is not as fulfilling as Christians claim it is, if married men keep going outside their marriages to get extra nooky from other people.

(Link): Cops: Mom Allegedly Made, Sold Sexually-Charged Breastfeeding Videos

  • by Chris Harris
  • Police in Florida have arrested a 31-year-old single mother accused of selling sexually explicit breast-feeding videos that allegedly featured her 18-month-old son.
  • Charges filed against Leigh Felten – a piano teacher from Tallahassee – during her arrest on on Friday include cruelty toward a child, promoting sexual performance by a child, lewd and lascivious behavior and molestation, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by PEOPLE.
  • The document claims police in Wisconsin had reached out to their counterparts in Tallahassee on Oct. 6, after receiving a complaint from a woman who said her husband had allegedly bought and downloaded seven videos from a woman via YouTube.
  • The woman called police because the videos – purchased using PayPal – showed a woman breast-feeding a toddler “as both of them were nude.”
  • The affidavit says the videos depict “the female…rubbing oil on herself and the child. At one point, the female’s vagina and the child’s penis appear to be in contact with one another.”
  • The Wisconsin woman also told police she believed her husband travelled to Florida “to meet with the suspect, where he engaged in sexual intercourse with her.”
  • According to the affidavit, one video police inspected featured Felten “as she rubs her breasts back and forth across the child’s face.”
  • Felten remains in police custody on $60,000 bond. Court records did not indicate whether she has a lawyer at this time and it’s unclear whether she’s entered a plea.
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