On Tinder, Off Sex – One Woman’s Story About Secondary Abstinence

On Tinder, Off Sex – One Woman’s Story About Secondary Abstinence

This essay was referenced in my previous blog post.

Before I paste in a larger excerpt from it, note this part:

  • “It’s just sex,” they say. “You have to stop refusing to sleep with people just because you don’t immediately want to marry them.”

This is one of the biggest problems I have with secular feminist types – they dismiss sex as being “just sex.” Sex is not “just sex” to some of us. Some of us take sex far more seriously than the rest of culture.

This essay started off well enough, but the last few paragraphs (which I am not including on my blog) were kind of vague and strange. She rambled her concluding paragraphs away.

(Link):  On Tinder, Off Sex by A. Pearl

  • … After we hung up, I Googled “secondary abstaining” and learned that it refers to someone who is sexually experienced but has chosen to no longer be sexually active, usually for reasons relating to religious faith, unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • I am without faith in almost all respects, I have never been pregnant, nor have I had any STD’s. I have never stopped desiring sex and I have never identified as asexual. In fact, I frequently want to have sex with people, but I simply do not.
  • I’m “secondary” in a lot of things these days: secondary vegetarian, secondary sober, secondary nonsmoker. But here is how my secondary abstaining departs from my secondary everything else.
  • I quit eating meat because I developed a deeper concern for the environment. I quit smoking because it’s bad for you. I quit drinking because I have a problem with alcohol. But I never actually quit having sex. Sex just stopped being a thing that happened in my life.

  • [She had somewhat casual sex with some photographer guy she met, and it was not as romantic, fulfilling, or sexy as pro-sex feminists and secular culture told her it should have been]
  • …It’s not that I haven’t wanted to have sex since then. It wasn’t one of those bowl-you-over summer romances. It was what it was. Fun. Invigorating. Kind. But we lived 3,000 miles apart, and I was still heartbroken from my previous relationship.
  • If I were to update the definition of “secondary abstaining” I discovered through my Google search, I would add the following to the list of reasons someone may stop having sex: failed relationship, broken heart and being cheated on after a near proposal by the man you spent your whole life loving.

  • Maybe this is where faith comes in. Maybe my secondary abstinence isn’t in allegiance to God but to my own broken heart and the fear that seems to produce a kind of magnetic repellant whenever I come close to someone I desire.
  • My friends don’t seem to understand my secondary abstinence. They ask if I’ve had sex yet.

  • “How can you go so long?” they ask. “I can’t imagine.”

  • They say: “You have to lower your standards.” “Go to the bar more.” “Join a dating website.” “Make really good eye contact.” “Get rid of your hang-ups.” “Be more open.” “Stop being afraid.”

  • “It’s just sex,” they say. “You have to stop refusing to sleep with people just because you don’t immediately want to marry them.”

  • My secondary abstinence is the wallflower type: sitting quietly on the couch at the party making everyone else feel a bit more awkward for having a good time.



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