54 Year Old Guy Celibate for Over For 30 Years

54 Year Old Guy Celibate for Over 30 Years 

Yes, it is true. Not everyone is having sex at all, or not often.

(Link): 54 Year Old Guy Celibate for Over 30 Years 

  • John A. Rawlings, of Australia, says his former girlfriend had been drinking when they had sex and that she later accused him of foul play
  • The job coach was so traumatized from the experience that he hasn’t had intercourse – or even cuddled – with any other woman since that night
  • He says he still masturbates, but considers himself a sapiosexual – one who is turned on by intelligence, rather than physical traits
  • People are abstinent for a range of different reasons, including religious views and avoiding unwanted pregnancy, but one man reveals he has opted not to have intercourse for 36 years due to the emotional trauma he suffered from his first sexual encounter.

  • John A. Rawlings, 54, says that he last had sex at age 18, with a woman he was in a relationship with, but things ended disastrously when she accused him of taking advantage of her the following morning.

  • ‘[She] became emotionally hurt as a result of our intimacy because she had been drinking and the next day she felt as though I had taken sexual advantage of her,’ he writes in an essay on the romance website (Link): Your Tango.

  • John, who now works as a vocational trainer and employment consultant in Australia, says that for years after the incident, he was ’emotionally traumatized by her reaction and never wanted another relationship’.

  • He shares that as a result of his career, which entails helping people find jobs, he gradually came to view women in a new light.

  • ‘I understood their need to be seen as equals to their male counterparts, and my ideologies of women changed from being one of sexual appreciation to intellectual appreciation,’ he writes.

  • The job coach says that he now considers himself a sapiosexual – someone who is turned on sexually due by another’s intelligence, rather than their physical characteristics.

  • ‘I’m turned on by a woman’s mind because, as a man who’s both academically and vocationally aware, I appreciate women who share those same ambitions,’ he writes.

  • He further explains: ‘I still enjoy women’s intellectual capabilities, and prefer their minds over their physical or sexual features,’ adding: ‘A stimulating conversation is more satisfying to me than anything sexual.’


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