Tennessee man charged with raping wife in church parking lot: ‘I am your husband, I can get it anytime I want’

Tennessee man charged with raping wife in church parking lot: ‘I am your husband, I can get it anytime I want’

What a charmer.

Dollars to doughnuts this idiot creep and his wife were probably attending a church that teaches something called “gender complementarianism,” which teaches women, especially wives, are to be subordinate to men.

(Also note that the “be equally yoked” teaching is a waste of your time if you are a single Christian woman who desires marriage – a man who claims to be Christian, even if he goes to church, may be a rapist, wife beater, adulterer, porn addict, or who knows what else.

This incident happened in a church parking lot, so I assume one or both of them were members there? Maybe not.)

Please note, however, that there ARE Christian men on various forums and blogs who feel there is no such concept as “marital rape” because, they believe, wives are always obligated to give a husband sex, and the husband can “take” sex from the wife whenever he wants – which is in fact rape, as it’s non-consensual.

(Link):  Tennessee man charged with raping wife in church parking lot: ‘I am your husband, I can get it anytime I want’

  • by David Edwards
  • A Tennessee man is facing charges of aggravated rape and assault after he allegedly attacked his wife in a church parking lot.
  • According to (Link): WMC Action News 5, the 27-year-old Memphis man drove his wife to the church parking lot, where he confronted her with accusations of cheating on him.
  • Memphis Police told WMC that the man choked and raped his wife while holding her down.
  • “I am your husband,” he reportedly said. “I can’t rape you. I can get it anytime I want.”

  • The wife reported the incident to police, who referred her to a rape crisis center for examination. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of aggravated rape and assault.

(Link):  Husband accused of attacking wife: ‘I am your husband. I can’t rape you.’

  • Nov 3, 2015
  • Police arrested a 27-year-old Memphis man after his wife said he attacked and raped her.
  • WMC Action News 5 is not identifying the husband, in an effort to keep his victim’s identity secret.

    Memphis police said the man drove his wife to the back of a church parking lot. There, he accused her of cheating on him.

    Officers said the man then held his wife down, choked, and raped her.

    The woman said her husband told her, “I am your husband. I can’t rape you. I can get it anytime I want.”

    The woman called police and after an examination at the rape crisis center, officers arrested her husband and charged him with aggravated rape and assault.

    (Link): Here you will find a list of phone numbers and web sites of groups dedicated to helping any and all victims of sexual assault.


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