Dude Beats His Seven YO Son to Death, Fed Body To Pigs – Family Values

Dude Beats His Seven YO Son to Death, Fed Body To Pigs – Family Values

Okay, let’s review. I am right wing and not opposed to the traditional family or what some other right wingers refer to as “family values.” What perturbs me is that right wingers and Christians have placed way too much importance on either concept. They marginalize adult singles, the child free, the divorced, widowers, the infertile, and others as a result.

Also, faith in Family Values is misplaced. The Bible does not advise Christians to put faith in Family Values to save culture or to save people – it says that is what faith in Jesus Christ is for.

Harping on family values is not going to necessarily improve societal ills.

Here’s a story which shows that the traditional family unit is not, contrary to what some other conservatives think, all that great, nor does the family unit always produce upstanding morality or persons – that is what the Holy Spirit is for, the Bible teaches.

Christians especially like to teach that parents and the married are more mature, loving, godly, and compassionate than those who are single or who are childless or childfree.

I don’t often see stories of adult, childfree singles who murder children and feed their dead bodies to pigs, but daily to weekly, I do see stories like this one below .

I just saw another really bad news story last week about a mother who let her boyfriend sexually assault her biological daughter on numerous occasions over a period of several years. I never got around to blogging about that one, I don’t think, but I did Tweet a link to that news story on my Twitter account.

There is simply nothing inherent about being married or being a parent which makes a person more caring or ethical than being single, divorced, or childless or childfree, something Christians and more conservatives need to be aware of.

On another note, if the conventional Christian dating and marriage advice I have seen in magazine articles in books over my life were true, one would not expect an abusive POS like the guy in this article to have been good enough to earn a spouse.

Some Christians teach that if you are still single, despite wanting marriage, it’s because God is wanting to “clean you up” or for you to clean yourself up, before he will reward you with a spouse.

Say what you will about my flaws, but I have NEVER abused a child, nor would I do so, and I sure as hell have never fed a dead child’s body to a pig.

I find it hard to believe in the “God only sends spouses to great, nice perfect people” Christian teaching when I see news stories about abusive and murdering parents, such as this one.

(Link): Father Accused of Beating His 7-Year-Old Son to Death — and Police Fear the Worst About What Was Done to His Body [Father Fed Son’s dead Body to Pigs]

Investigators looking into the death of a 7-year-old boy in Kansas City, Kansas, say they fear the remains found in a barn are those of the boy after his father, 44-year-old Michael A. Jones, allegedly beat him to death.

Police responded to Jones’ home on Wednesday where they say he attacked his wife, 29-year-old wife, Heather Jones, and fired a gun at her. As officers investigated the incident, however, they were led to a barn on Jones’ property where human remains were found.Jones was charged with battery and assault on his wife, but he is also being charged with “torturing or cruelly beating” his 7-year-old son, alleged to have occurred sometime between May 1 and Sept. 28, (Link): KCTV-TV reported.

The remains haven’t been formally identified as those of the 7-year-old, but investigators said they fear the child was fed to pigs after Jones beat him to death.

Police said during the investigation that began on Wednesday that the 7-year-old had been missing for “an extended period of time and was possibly dead,” (Link): NBC News reported.

Jones is currently being held on $10 million – the highest a judge has set in the 34 years district attorney Jerome Gorman has been on the job.

Seven other children, ranging in age from 1-11, also lived with Jones and have been placed into protective custody.

“For all those girls to have to witness what their brother went through and to carry the burden that something happened to their brother is horrible,” a woman who used to babysit the children with one other woman said.

The babysitters, who asked to remain anonymous, added that the house was in “horrible” condition.

“The kids lived in filth. Trash everywhere. Dried food all over the house,” one of them described.

The women also said that Jones’ wife added pigs to the barn in September – the latter end of the period at which investigators say the child likely died.
— end excerpts —

Marriage and parenthood do NOT make people more mature, grown-up, godly, moral, or loving. I have many other examples on my blog of this sort of thing, news stories of parents who rape, beat, or murder their own children, and married people who beat, rape, or kill their own spouses.

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