Dating Site Made an Infographic of the Worst Places to Hit on Someone

Dating Site Made an Infographic of the Worst Places to Hit on Someone

I can’t believe some people have to be told not to hit on other people at funerals. I think this is more a problem among men than it is women. A lot of men hold deeply entitled attitudes, that they think it’s okay to flirt with women whenever and where ever.

And no, men should NOT HIT ON women at the gym. When women are working out or jogging, they seldom appreciate guys flirting at that time, or asking them out.

(Link): Dating Site Made an Infographic of the Worst Places to Hit on Someone


  • Meetville listed the top five places where flirt behaviour isn’t appropriate 
  • Planes came fifth, after funerals, job interviews, hospitals and the gym

  • Some people are just hopeless romantics who can’t help falling in love in unfortunate circumstances. 

  • But that doesn’t mean you should try your luck – there are some places where it is never appropriate to make a pass at someone, no matter how cute your babies would look. 

  • In an effort to stop poor unsuspecting members of the public being subjected to unwanted passes in terrible situations, a dating website has compiled a list of the worst places to ask someone out.

  • …Hospital emergency rooms and gyms were included in the top five.

  • Rounding out the list of locations is the aeroplane, with the website advising: ‘They don’t want to talk to you, especially since there’s no chance to escape.’ 

See the video:

(Link):  What It’s Like To Be A Woman At The Gym



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