‘Great Christian Love Debate’ speakers tell singles to keep looking

‘Great Christian Love Debate’ speakers tell singles to keep looking

(Link): ‘Great Christian Love Debate’ speakers tell singles to keep looking


  • “Rejection is God’s protection.” Ah, the salve of comfort for broken hearts.

  • Those words echoed frequently throughout “The Great Christian Love Debate,” amid zebra-striped and neon-orange and red crushed-velvet pillows at Baobab Stage, in Town Square Las Vegas on Dec. 2.
  • The town hall-style debate, staged as part of “The Great Love Debate” national tour, addressed the challenges faced by single, dating Christians. Moderator/life coach Michael Sartain — sporting sneakers and hipster hair — joined the show’s creator, Brian Howie, and three presenters in setting the mood for approximately 13 attendees. About 100 were expected.
  • Still, Sartain said, “this is a great singles mixer type of event for people of the same faith.”
  • Attendees grappled with topics ranging from Facebook slander to the artificiality of the Sin City dating scene, “missionary dating,” and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow’s premarital celibacy vow.
  • “I’m going to encourage them to stay hopeful,” said presenter and psychologist Karin Anderson Abrell before the show. She’s author of “Single is the New Black.”
  • “No matter how many disappointments and heartbreaks you’ve gone through, you’ve got to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep believing that God’s got somebody special for you,” she added. Abrell, who is Christian, said she waded through 27 years of dating to meet and marry her husband at age 42.


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