Patriarchy vs. Single Women in the Bible by B. and T. Jennings

Patriarchy vs. Single Women in the Bible by B. and T. Jennings

(Link): Patriarchy vs. Single Women in the Bible by B. and T. Jennings

This page I am linking to and excerpting below is critiquing one that was arguing that single women should stay at home.

The authors are addressing the author of the other page, a woman who explains she is still living at home and not going to college because she believed she was following biblical teachings for women.


  • A response to an article regarding the reasons as to why a young Christian girl was not in college, but instead was staying under her father till marriage

  • …You put forward that unmarried women should always be living or working in the home of their father, husband, or guardian.  But we reply, take note of these examples of single women who were on their own, working outside of the home, and supporting themselves and others:
    • Dorcas: She was a hard worker. For whom? Her family? No, the widows, for, upon her death, the widows, not relatives, stood by her body weeping. And, upon her reviving, Peter called in the saints and widows. The point? She apparently was not living with relatives, dependent on them, or serving them.

    • The younger widow of 1 Timothy 5: She was supporting widows, not family.

    • … Single women had the liberty to:
      • marry whom they wish, in the Lord,

      • make a vow and keep it,

      • be fellow-workers in the gospel

  • ….Misapplication of Scripture is serious; it is a devilish thing.
  •  And, it is misapplication of Scripture to say:
    1. that Titus 2:3-5 applies to single women. It is addressed to married women and directs that they be “workers at home,” etc. We see wives serve their husbands, daughters obey their parents, saints serve the church, but, “daughters serve their fathers” is not found in the Bible.

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