Family Values, Conservative Christian Bill Gothard Accused Of Rape

Family Values, Conservative Christian Bill Gothard Accused Of Rape

I have written about Gothard once before, and I’m reminding you of that post now:

In the days or weeks to come, you can probably expect more of the same. Gothard is currently in his 80s, I believe, and he’s never married, and has indicated before that he is celibate.

Ergo, a lot of people, even some Christians sadly enough, tend to blame Gothard’s alleged sexual assaults of women on him being celibate. They seem to think if you live without sex for so many years, it comes gushing out beyond your control later – you get so horny, they seem to think, they you sexually attack another person.

A lot of people do this sort of odd ball reasoning in the case of  Roman Catholic priests who take a vow of celibacy but who get caught molesting children: people assume that being celibate causes pedophilia and rape.

Celibacy, however, does not cause pedophilia and rape.  Married men who have sex with their wives on a regular basis also rape people or molest kids (I’ve done a post or two about that topic before in the past).

Or, these types of Christians and Non-Christians somehow suspect that any adult who claims to be celibate is secretly a horn dog and must be getting lots of nooky anywhere, but especially salacious nooky, by raping people or fondling kids.

Celibates are not perverts, folks: we celibates are NOT having any sex at all, salacious or consensual. That’s the whole point about celibacy, you ding bats who accuse celibacy of causing rape and pedophilia.

While I myself don’t agree with some views of secular, left wing feminists, I note that they are not the monsters that many “family values” Christians make them out to be.

Right wing, American Christians will often fault the American feminists of the 1960s sexual revolution of causing all manner of problems in society (such as the rise of divorce rates, promiscuity, etc),
and maybe to a degree, secular feminism played some role in those sorts of things,
but how then do these Christians and conservatives explain the other “family values” Christians who are opposed to secular, left wing feminism, such as Gothard, who allegedly rape or molest girls, or who have affairs on their wives (for the men who are married)?

Again, I am not saying I am in total agreement with all opinions of secular, liberal feminists, but am merely saying that you cannot fairly and justly blame secular, liberal feminism for the moral failings and crimes of right wing, Christian men such as Gothard.

Anyway, Gothard is in the news again, this time for supposedly raping people.

Here is a selection of links about that news story, along with a link to a site that specializes in Gothard news coverage, and articles that highlight or refute his damaging teachings:

(Link): Recovering Grace: A Gothard Generation Shines Light on the Teachings of IBLP and ATI 

(This site, Recovering Grace, tends to keep up with the latest Gothard news and information, so you may want to bookmark them and visit them regularly if you are really interested in the latest Gothard- related developments.
I don’t plan on doing regular Gothard updates on my own blog, or not over every little thing concerning him.)

(Link): Bill Gothard, Christian counseling ministry leader with ties to TLC’s Duggar family, target of sexual assault lawsuit by 10 women

  • by Laura Bult
  • January 7, 2016
  • Ten women filed a bombshell lawsuit Wednesday alleging decades of sexual assault and rape by the longtime leader of Christian homeschooling ministry, Bill Gothard, who preaches modesty among women and has ties to Republican politicians and the reality TV Duggar family.
  • The lawsuit is the latest development after numerous women who sought counseling at Gothard’s Institute of Basic Life Principles, a prominent religious homeschooling ministry, came forward accusing the magnetic leader of sexual abuse, some of whom were minors at the time
  • The 81-year-old unmarried former president of the IBLP resigned from the ministry in 2014 after more than 30 women said they had been molested by him, according to the (Link): Washington Post, which first reported the story.
  • The lawsuit filed in an Illinois circuit court includes allegations that range from sexual harassment,  inappropriate touching and hand-holding, molestation and rape, according to the complaint provided to the Daily News by the lawyers representing the women at the Texas Gibbs Law Firm.


    The accounts, some of which were posted on a blog called Recovering Grace, come from the types of vulnerable women who would come to IBLP’s training centers seeking bible study and counseling, many of them victims of incest by their fathers or older family members, or who had been sold into human trafficking.


    In one account, a woman only identified as Jane Doe II, who was a victim of trafficking and was sent by her abusive father to one of IBLP’s training centers in Indiana claims that she was forced to have sex with both Gothard and a ‘biblical counselor,” Kenneth Copley, in two separate instances.

  • In the woman’s account, as well as the other women’s stories involved in the lawsuit, she told IBLP staff about the assaults but they never reported it to police.Other accounts of sexual assault included in the lawsuit, filed in DuPage County Circuit Court in Illinois, accuse Gothard of holding hands, playing footsie and molesting young women sent to IBLP training centers.

    Although Gothard, who founded the ministry in 1961, admitted that some of his behavior toward women was a “sin” in a letter included in Wednesday’s lawsuit written to his accusers, he denied the allegations when reached by phone by the Washington Post.


    “Never in my life have I touched a girl sexually. I’m shocked to even hear that,” Gothard told the Washington Post. “That really is not true.”


    Gothard is known for urging women to dress modestly and to have large families, most famously demonstrated by the evangelical Christian Duggar family, who were associated with Gothard’s ministry and were stars of their own TLC reality TV show featuring their 19 children.

(Link): More women accuse DuPage ministry of sex abuse 

  • Morre former followers of the DuPage County-based Institute in Basic Life Principles have joined a multimillion-dollar lawsuit alleging leaders of the renowned conservative ministry conspired to cover up decades of inappropriate conduct.
  • Five additional women, totaling 10 plaintiffs, filed an amended 110-page lawsuit Wednesday in DuPage County alleging they were victims of “sexual abuse, sexual harassment and inappropriate/unauthorized touching” while they were participants, interns or employees of the institute.
  • …He is accused of molesting a 15-year-old girl in 2012, the suit states. She later filed a report with the Hinsdale Police Department, according to the lawsuit, but the statute of limitations had expired.
  • Another woman alleged she had been sexually abused by relatives and sold into human trafficking when she was a minor. She said she reported the abuse to IBLP staff, including Gothard, all of whom failed to report her allegations to the proper authorities. Instead, the suit alleges, Gothard and a biblical counselor had unwanted sexual contact with her after she went to them for help.

(Link):  10 Women Sue Former Head of Duggar Homeschool Ministry for Sexual Abuse

  • by Rebecca Rose
  • A lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges the former leader of a ministry with close ties to the Duggar family sexually abused 10 women, the Washington Post reports.
  • The suit states Bill Gothard, 81, a former head of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), sexually abused, harassed, and in at least one instance raped a woman, while he and other officials with the ministry tried to cover it up.
  • The Washington Post reports one woman in the suit alleges Gothard and another biblical counselor at IBLP raped her. In the suit, the woman also alleges her father raped her when she was a minor and then sold her into human trafficking, but when she tried to tell IBLP staff, they failed to report it to law enforcement.
  • The suit states she confided in Gothard, who called her father and asked him if it was true. According to the lawsuit, when her father denied it, Gothard threatened the girl, telling her good Christian children always obey their parents, even when they sexually abuse them.
  • The women in the suit — Gretchen Wilkinson, Charis Barker, Rachel Frost, Rachel Lees, Melody Fedoriw, Jamie Deering, Ruth Copley Burger and three named only as “Jane Doe” — are seeking $50,000 each in damages.

    Wednesday’s filing is an amended lawsuit originally filed in October against the ministry. That suit alleged IBLP staff and directors (Link): received repeated complaints about sexual abuse and harassment yet failed to report the claims to stage agencies, as required by law.  Since October, more women have joined the lawsuit, and the allegations outlined in the new lawsuit are far more specific.

(Link):  Religious leader with ties to the Duggars sued for sexual abuse

(Link):  10 Women Accuse Christian Leader Tied To Duggars Of Rape, Sex Abuse

(Link):  Duggar Homeschooling Leader Accused Of Sexual Abuse By Ten More Women
(Link): Duggar Family Friend Bill Gothard Accused Of Rape, Molestation


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