Parents Who Regret Having Children Speak Honestly About Why It Was A Huge Mistake

Parents Who Regret Having Children Speak Honestly About Why It Was A Huge Mistake

(Link): Parents who regret having children speak honestly about why it was a huge mistake


Jan 6, 2016

Not everyone is cut out for parenthood – mums and dads who readily admit their mistakes explain why it was a bad idea for them

Parenthood is something no man or woman should enter into lightly – and any mum or dad will tell you it’s hard work.

Indeed, once you have kids, your life is never the same again.

 For some people, those changes are life-altering in a completely positive way. “I can’t remember life before the kids came along,” they will tell their friends with a smile.

But for others, welcoming new life into the world just wasn’t ever the right thing to do for them, personally.

Parents who regret having children have been (Link): sharing their thoughts on Q&A website Quora , explaining why starting a family wasn’t the best decision they’ve ever made.

….2. “There’s a huge taboo about saying you simply hate being a parent”

One dad explains that he never wanted to have children and his wife felt the same, until she was around the age of 40 and discovered an ‘unquenchable desire for motherhood.’

 After several rounds of IVF and ‘huge time, financial and emotional costs’ a healthy son came along.

 The man, who remains anonymous, said he was “immediately plunged into a seemingly endless spiral of resentment and depression.”

 He continues: “I knew at a profound level that I Did Not Want This. It completely destroyed spontaneity and flexibility; everything needed planning, and our son like all very small children needed to be watched pretty much 24/7.”

After being told by his therapist that this was much more common than he might think, but there was simply a huge taboo around saying you hated being a parent, he decided to search online.

 He continues: “Lo: it was all over the place. People overcome by tedium and regret.”

 His regret about becoming a father has also put a strain on his relationship with his wife, who is upset by the way he feels.

 The man adds that he is a good father, he loves his son and wants to do a good job – and for the boy to have a good life – but his own life is ‘markedly less enjoyable since he came along. That’s simple honesty.’

3. “If I had the opportunity to go back, I would take it”

Another man explains that he has never been keen on kids, enjoys his freedom and could even be described as quite selfish.

 He adds: “If I am really honest with myself, I went along with having a child because my wife was ready and keen.”

 The anonymous male now has a 12-month-old daughter and admits he has been forced to go on medication to cope with stress.

He continues: “Do I consider HER a “mistake” ? No I don’t, but do I consider HAVING her a mistake. It was just the next thing that happened, and while I do love her, if I had the opportunity to go back to the way things were? Sure, I would take it.

 “People just don’t like to hear that kind of thing.”

4. “I wasn’t cut out to be a mother”

5. “I think about the fact I could be travelling the world”

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