In Editorial about Abortion, Left Wing Site ‘Raw Story’ Author Assumes All Or Most Young People Are Having Sex – Fornication Does Not Have To Be Taken As A Given

In Editorial about Abortion, Left Wing Site ‘Raw Story’ Author Assumes All Or Most Young People Are Having Sex – Fornication Does Not Have To Be Taken As A Given 

I usually cover my fellow right wingers on this site, how they and conservative (and liberal) Christians assume sexual self control is impossible (among other topics); how the idea of anyone remaining celibate is a foreign idea to them, or one which they mock.

Here is an example from a secular, liberal site whose author seems to assume all or most young people will have pre-marital sex (I don’t really care to focus on all the other points this pro-abortion page makes):

(Link): Who to blame for high abortion rates? The religious right — they push laws that increase the killing of fetuses by George Monbiot

(please note the portion I placed in bold faced type; I shall comment briefly on some of the other comments as well below the excerpts):

  • Young people have sex, whatever their elders say – they always have, and always will.
  • Those with the least information and the least access to birth control are the most likely to suffer unintended pregnancies. And what greater incentive could there be for terminating a pregnancy than a culture in which reproduction out of wedlock is a mortal sin?

  • How many more centuries of misery, mutilation and mortality are required before we understand that women – young or middle aged, within marriage or without – who do not want a child may go to almost any lengths to terminate an unwanted pregnancy? In the absence of legal, safe procedures, such sophisticated surgical instruments as wire coat hangers, knitting needles, bleach and turpentine will be deployed instead.

Granted, the author does not specify how many, or what percentage of, young people “will always have sex [outside of marriage],” but considering his wording and attitude, it appears to me as though he’s assuming, or arguing that all or most are doing so, which is incorrect, or perhaps to an extent.

Even if 60% of teens are having sex, that means 40% are not. If the figure is 30% are having sex, that leaves 70% who are not.

If the figure is 90% of teens are having sex, that leaves 10% who are not -I’m thinking of those ten percent who feel all alone; 90 may be a greater number than 10, but when you’re one of the ten, it may be of comfort to know there are nine others like you out there.

I am over 40 years of age, and due to holding traditional values, ((Link): among other reasons – and for one other reason I mention (Link): in this post – but for the most part I shall not detail my reasons in this post), I am still a virgin.

 I was waiting until marriage to have sex, but I broke things off with my fiance, so I have never married (and hence, not had sexual intercourse). If I am a virgin now (and I am), I was most obviously not having sex while a teen or a college student.
Not everyone is having sex, for one reason or another. It’s therefore a little unfair or misleading for liberals (and sometimes conservatives and Christians) to keep perpetuating this myth in their blog posts, Tweets, magazine articles and where ever else, that all, or most, are having sex.
Furthermore, various authors of whatever political or religious persuasion, need to stop treating adults who are voluntarily celibate or who are virgins as freaks or failures, or stop portraying them in that manner.
Maybe if celibacy were as equally esteemed and defended as voraciously as pre-martial sex is by Christians, atheists, liberals and conservatives, more people (including the young or adult singles) would opt to for-go sex, and even go public about the fact that they are abstaining.
Someone replied to Raw Story’s Tweet containing a link about this abortion story, and they asked in their Tweet, “Why are people punishing women for having sex,” or something similar.
I do think a case can be made that various cultures have placed more burdens on women for their sexuality and sexual behavior than they have men, which is a sexist and horrible double standard, but concerning consensual sex, it is still up to each woman to decide when, how, or if to have sex with a man.
If a woman chooses to have sex and chooses not to use birth control, or chooses to have sex in an area where she does not have access to birth control, that is still her personal responsibility. I am hard pressed to think of any subject in life where responsibility is removed from one’s personal choice, whether it regards sexual behavior or something else.
If a woman has consensual sex with a man and gets pregnant and decides to use a coat hanger to abort the child she is carrying, that is on her. Unless someone – boyfriend or parent – forces her to perform an abortion on herself, she is under no obligation to attempt an abortion at home with a coat hanger or whatever other method.
Do pro-choice / liberal sites such as Raw Story care about incidents of single women who become pregnant, do not want an abortion, but are driven to an abortion clinic against their will by parents or boyfriends? Because that has happened a time or two.
Here are a few articles about that:
  • As (Link): reported previously at Live Action:
  • When Ayanna Byer changed her mind, telling Planned Parenthood’s abortionist that she no longer wanted an abortion, (Link):  one was performed on her anyway. This occurred at a Colorado Springs clinic, and (Link):  PPRM is being sued.
  • Not only did Planned Parenthood force Ms. Byer to have an abortion against her will, but the doctor also botched the abortion. This created a life-threatening infection in Ms. Byer which was treated at an emergency room – with no timely information provided by Planned Parenthood’s abortionist. Planned Parenthood had  (Link): abandoned its patient.
  • [They have a few more stories of other women who had to undergo forced abortions]
  • October 2015
  • By Atika Shubert and Bharati Naik, CNN
  • ISIS militants forced pregnant women they had sold into slavery to have abortions, according to three young Yazidis who escaped from the Islamic militants’ brutal clutches.
  • After abducting hundreds of young women and girls from their homes in Iraq’s Sinjar province last August, ISIS fighters rounded the captives up in “slave markets” where they were picked out to be used for sex.
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