Woman Accused of Beating Husband with NunChucks Because He Refused Sex

Woman Accused of Beating Husband with NunChucks Because He Refused Sex

This news story neatly puts dents into a secular and Christian stereotype about female sexuality: that women do not want sex.

Especially not married women, no. If you listen to secular culture speakers and Christian preachers, married women supposedly always have headaches and are frigid, so the evangelical pastors are forever cajoling and pleading with married women in sermons and blog posts to remember their poor, sex starved husbands and cave in and perform for them, even if they have headaches.

This story also quite nicely disproves the standard evangelical trope that marriage makes people more giving, self-less, mature, responsible, godly, and all that.

And the other evangelical or conservative Christian myth: you have to achieve some level of godliness or perfection before God will send you a spouse. May I suggest that a woman who attacks her husband with nunchucks over declining sex is not all that perfect, godly, mature, or loving?

If God is allowing idiots like this to marry, there is no reason why any other single who wants marriage should be prohibited by the Divine from having a spouse.

(Link): Woman accused of beating husband with nunchucks because he refused sex

A woman in South Carolina hurled ceramic figurines at her husband and hit him with nunchucks after he refused to have sex with her, police revealed Wednesday.

Sondra Earle-Kelly, 51, faces aggravated domestic violence charges, Fox 8 reports. The fight took place the night of Jan. 17 in Rock Hill, north of Columbia, investigators say.

Kelly’s husband was watching TV in his living room when she asked him to go to bed with her, police told The Charlotte Observer. When he refused, she kept “assaulting him with whatever she could pick up,” police report.

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