A Pennsylvania man raped his sister, and their mother told her not to go to police

A Pennsylvania man raped his sister, and their mother told her not to go to police

Here we go again.

If “Family Values” or “the Nuclear Family” was the building block of society and could save people – as some Christians seem to imply – we wouldn’t expect to see news stories like the following. There is nothing sacred about the family unit.

There are never-married, childless adults such as myself who are ten times more ethical and godly than the deviants like we see in these types of news stories, who are in traditional family units.

(Link):  Brother Raped Sister—and Mom Told Her Not to Go to Police by K. Lipp

  • January 25, 2016
  • Edward Geier was convicted of 1,074 counts of sexual assault and molestation. Meanwhile, his mother—who told the victim, her daughter, not to report her brother—hasn’t been charged.
  • A Pennsylvania man raped his sister, and their mother told her not to go to police.
  • Edward Geier was convicted last week of 1,074 counts of rape and molestation for abusing his sister and step-daughter. The trial (Link): lasted two and a half days and it took the jury just a few hours of deliberation to decide he was guilty.
  • While he faces life in prison, his mother is not facing any charges for telling her daughter not to report Geier’s rape to police—and even telling her to recant her accusation after she did tell cops.

  • She might never have come forward had her stepsister not fled Geier’s abuse.
  • In August 2014, state police found Geier’s 13-year-old stepdaughter walking down State Road 45 just before midnight, five miles from her home in central Pennsylvania. Officers were responding to a caller who reported seeing a child trudging alone along the dark route carrying suitcases.

    The girl told police she could not go back to her home because her stepfather had been raping her there for the past four years, most recently a few days earlier. She told police Geier’s abuse began when she was 9 with fondling and progressed to sexual intercourse.


    When police served a warrant to search Geier’s home, he did not deny the accusations. According to the criminal complaint, he “insisted police would not find any DNA evidence linked to him in the victim’s bedroom.” But investigators did find Geier’s bodily fluids, including semen, in multiple locations in the victim’s bedroom, which aligned with her account of the years of abuse. Testing revealed the fluid contained both Geier’s and the victim’s DNA.


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