Eight Pieces of Christian Dating Advice that is Keeping Me Single. by Nina Borum – from Stuff Christians Like.net

Eight Pieces of Christian Dating Advice that is Keeping Me Single. – from Stuff Christians Like.net

(Link):  Eight 8 pieces of Christian dating advice that is keeping me single. by Nina Borum


  • ….but I have taken all the advice below and find that I am still single.
  • 4. God’s timing is perfect.
  • Is it? According to abcnews.com women lose 90% of their eggs by age 30.
    Chop Chop Jesus. Chop Chop.

  • 5. Focus on your marriage to Jesus. He is your true husband.
  • Right. But there are some things that Jesus doesn’t do like take out the trash, rub my feet and you know the whole sex thing. Is it wrong that I am disappointed that there is apparently no sex in heaven? I digress.
  • 8. Singleness/Celibacy is a gift from God.
  • Does this gift have a return policy? It doesn’t fit me very well and I don’t recall putting it on my Christmas list.

A few of the comments at the bottom of that page (there, were, unfortunately, a lot of trolls and idiots on their page in the comments, but these comments were okay)


  • I became single again when my husband died. The grass had not yet sprouted on his grave when questioning commenced regarding my relationship status.
  • It caught me off guard, I was confused and did not know how to respond.
  • I felt like I was under attack. I was in uncharted waters and realized I had better have some responses at the ready to defend myself.
  • An unusual position to be in, defending my own self, defending my personhood. My eyes are now open to singles and their struggles, because I am now one of them. How would I respond to well meaning but clueless advisors?
  • First of all, the advisors need some serious help, so I propose a new Helpful Advice for Singles list.
  • At the top of the list: Do not ask: “Are you seeing anyone?” instead ask “How would you like to come over on Friday night? John is inviting a couple of single friends from his work, we are going to get some takeout food, put the kids to bed and then hang out and watch a movie?”
  • The method of communicating this list to our advisors is another dilemma. Often I am caught off guard by the abrupt nature of these encounters.
  • Like basketball, we need a good defense but we need to score some points too! I thought about having a stack of printed Helpful Advice To Singles in my purse to hand out but this seems a bit awkward and over the top. And I was never good at handing out tracts.

post by STEPHANIE C. SAYS OCTOBER 14, 2014 AT 2:32 PM

  • I am a 50 year old never married christian VIRGIN. I am attactive-have 30 years with a major corporation and am having a hard time finding a mate.
  • I dated a guy at church for two months and broke up because he was being verbally abusive.
  • I read it is good to do charity work and websites such as meetup.com to meet the opposite sex and I am going to try those. I was in a paid christian dating site for four years and only ran into scam artists.


  • Absolute. Worst. Advice. I. Was. Ever. Given:
  • “Just wait. Wait on God. Wait. Wait.”
  • Funny. just about everybody around me was getting married in the 20s and I was told to wait. Wait. Wait on God. Just wait. Wait. Wait.

Mike Dean Says

  • Thanks much for the post!! I enjoyed reading the list and laughed quite a bit
    Being 53 when I married, I can relate to most of the items, especially the one relating to being content (as in, “If I’m content being single, why would I want to be married?”)
    I do observe, in my single years, that “becoming the right person doesn’t happen while being alone”


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