Christian Publisher: ‘Women are Losing their Salvation Because They Masturbate’

Christian Publisher: ‘Women are Losing their Salvation Because They Masturbate’

The chuckle-head espousing this view specifically cites the use of sex toys in his equation. I’m not sure if he realizes that women do not need to use any sex toys to masturbate.

I can’t figure out if this guy is against all female masturbation per se, or only women using sex toys on themselves, or what.

The Bible doesn’t even discuss masturbation (no, the story about Onan in the Old Testament is not about masturbation – it was about a guy’s failure to fulfill familial duties).

The Bible doesn’t say anything about masturbation forfeiting a person’s salvation. Even if a person wants to consider masturbation a sin, adultery, fornication and other sexual sins do not forfeit a person’s salvation, either. The Bible says God will forgive those sexual sins.

I sometimes wonder what these types of Christians expect randy, unmarried Christians to do – the ones who do experience strong sexual desire.

These types of wacko Christians – the ones who think masturbation is satanic – tell you (adult single) that you should not have sex with another person, but then they also tell you not to masturbate, either.

And so, how are randy Christian singles supposed to get that itch scratched, exactly? People are staying single longer than they were decades ago. Meditating on Jesus or singing a hymn or some Bible reading is not going to work.

The only positive take away I can leave with here is that this guy, as wacked as he is, at least realizes that Christian women experience sexual desire. Most Christians pretend as though most women (especially married ones) totally lack a libido.

In Christian-Land, only men are “visually stimulated” and want sex and experience sexual desire. Meanwhile, women in Christian-Land are mistakenly assumed to only care about emotional needs and only want to pursue non-sexual hobbies, like knitting scarves.

(Link):  Christian Author Mack Major Says Female Masturbation Is ‘Direct Path To Satan’ – Huffington Post

(Link): Christian Publisher: ‘Women are losing their Salvation because they Masturbate’ by D. Edwards

Christian author and publisher Mack Major warned over the weekend that “Christian women are losing their salvation” by using dildos, which he called a “direct path to Satan.”

“Too many Christian women are losing their salvation because they masturbate,” Mack wrote on the (Link): Eden Decoded Facebook page. “Dildos and all of those other sex toys have been used for thousands of years in demonic sex rituals. It’s one of the main ways ancient pagan societies worshiped their demonic gods.”

“Masturbation is a direct path to Satan,” he added. “There’s nothing normal about it. And shame on any Christian that says so.”

From the Huffinton Post page:

Christian Author Mack Major Says Female Masturbation Is ‘Direct Path To Satan’

He also warns that dildos are used in “demonic sex rituals.”

by E. Mazza

A Christian author is warning women that (Link): “masturbation is a direct path to Satan.”

Mack Major of (Link): Eden Decoded wrote on Facebook that “too many Christian women are (Link): losing their salvation because they masturbate.”

“Dildos and all of those other sex toys have been used for thousands of years in demonic sex rituals,” he wrote. “It’s one of the main ways ancient pagan societies worshiped their demonic gods.”

Major added: “There is nothing normal about it. And shame on any Christian that says so.”

The Facebook post linked to a blog entry on the topic on the Eden Decoded website which warned that Satan used sex to (Link): “empower demonic entities.”

He wrote:

“Many of you who are reading this have sex toys in your possession right now. And whether you want to accept it as fact or not: those sex toys are an open portal between the demonic realm and your own life. As long as you have those sex toys in your home, you have a doorway that can allow demons to not only access your life at will, but also to torment you, hinder and destroy certain parts of your life as it relates to sex and your relationships.”

The post was an excerpt from Major’s book, “Diva, Goddess, Queen: Breaking The Power Of Soul Ties, Lust And Sexual Demons.”

Sex in general, and masturbation in particular, were popular topics on the Eden Decoded website. Another post, an excerpt from a book called “Hedonism: Destroying Demonic Sexual Strongholds,” warned:

(Link): “There are such things as sex demons. And the danger in masturbating is that one could inadvertently summon a sex demon to attach itself to you through the act of masturbating. And once that demon attaches, it is difficult to get it to leave. It will drive you to masturbate, even when you don’t want to. You’ll be hit with urges to play with yourself so powerful that only an orgasm will allow you some temporary relief.”

Major also wrote that a sex demon may attract “other unclean spirits,” which would “also attach to your life.”

There is no scientific evidence of “demons” attaching themselves to people who masturbate. On the contrary, medical experts believe masturbation is healthy, if not important, for both men and woman.

Dr. (Link): Lauren Streicher, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University and author of “Sex Rx: Hormones Health And Your Best Sex Ever,” spoke to HuffPost last year on the (Link):  benefits of masturbation for women, which included pain relief, better sleep and stress relief.

Comments about this from the Huffington Post page:

by Susan Gessford

Are female reporductive parts and sex acts all these guys thinka bout? Tell me he doesn’t go masturbate after he gives one of these speeches about female masturbation. Or is it OK for men, because they can fight off the demons? My goodness.

It isn;t enough that they want to take away our rights concerning how many kids we bear and when (I’m talking about banning contraceptives) but now he wants women to believe that any sexual release without “A MAN!” is evil??Good luck selling that one. It isn’t Victorian England, and we are not slaves.

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