Christian Author of a “Dude’s Guide to Marriage” Book Fired From Church Pastor Job for Inappropriate Behavior With Two Women

Christian Author of a “Dude’s Guide to Marriage” Book Fired From Church Pastor Job for Inappropriate Behavior With Two Women

I hope I am understanding this story correctly. This guy who was fired – the church who fired him (I think it was a church) – is being rather vague about it.

They did say in one of their released statements that this married pastor is not guilty of adultery, but that he did something inappropriate with two women.

Knowing what I know about conservative, evangelical Christianity and some of these Reformed guys, they will nit pick over how they describe sexual sin: this guy may not have strictly performed penis in the vagina sex on these other women, but I bet you anything he probably performed some other sexual sin.

Maybe this dude-bro pastor sent these women dirty text messages, unsolicited penis photos, they performed oral sex on him (or vice versa), or something else.

Christians who cover up sexual sins by pastors, or who try to diminish them, tend to be like former American president Bill Clinton when confronted on his dalliance with Lewinisky: they finely parse their language about it. They won’t come right out and say “this married pastor got a blow job from a hooker,” or what not, so they use euphemisms.

What kills me about this guy is that he’s apparently a gender complementarian preacher who has written books with titles such as “A Dude’s Guide to Marriage,” and some other book with a title like “How to Be a Manly Man.”

Gender complementarians do not have answers – good, solid, workable answers – about men, women, sexuality and how marriages should be. This guy is apparently a gender complementarian, and it apparently did not keep him from doing something immoral outside of his marriage. He wrote a book about marriage, but it looks like he wasn’t handling his own marriage well.

This Patrick guy belongs to Acts29, which is a very sexist Christian group (they are a gender complementarian) that preacher Mark Driscoll once belonged to.

Beware, single Christian ladies who were raised to believe in “Equally Yoked.” Just because a guy works as a preacher and writes Christian books about marriage is not a guarantee he’s an ethical, loving, or nice guy.

You can read more about this guy and his scandal at these links:

(Link): Darrin Patrick Has Been Relieved of Pastoral Duties at The Journey

(Link):  Darrin Patrick Removed from Acts 29 Megachurch for ‘Historical Pattern of Sin’


  • by Kate Shellnutt
  • Darrin Patrick, vice president of the Acts 29 church planting network and founding pastor of The Journey megachurch in St. Louis, has been (Link): fired for violating his duties as a pastor.
  • The Journey cited a range of ongoing sinful behaviors over the past few years including manipulation, domineering, lack of biblical community, and “a history of building his identity through ministry and media platforms.”
  • In a (Link): letter announcing its lead pastor’s removal after 14 years of leadership, the church clarified that adultery was not a factor, though elders looked into inappropriate interactions with two women.
  • “In short, I am a completely devastated man, utterly broken by my sin and in need of deep healing,” said Patrick in an apology to his 3,000-person congregation.


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