Married Man Paid Prostitute with Charity Money and Tipped Her With a Pet Monkey

Married Man Paid Prostitute with Charity Money and Tipped Her With a Pet Monkey

Christians: stop making marriage out to be the norm. It’s not. More people are staying single these days.

Furthermore, Christians of the world, especially American ones: The state of being married is NOT superior to being single. Marriage does not magically transform people into responsible, loving, ethical, caring adults.

Here we have a news story of a married man who cheated on his wife with a hooker and used money meant for charity to pay the hooker. Marriage clearly did not make this guy more mature or moral.

Let this story also be a reminder that you do not, as Christians claim, have to be perfect or godly to deserve, earn, or merit a spouse. If God permits idiots like this guy to get a spouse, there is no damn good reason for God to keep one from you (assuming you are not a deviant wacko).

(Link):  Police: Pet store owner [Married Man] tipped prostitute with primate, stolen Girl Scout money

  • EUGENE, OR. — Police in Eugene, Oregon said a pet store owner used a bush baby and stolen Girl Scout money to tip for a prostitute.
  • McClain’s wife posted a statement on Facebook saying the store was working to get Nathan McClain’s name off of the business and banking accounts.

(Link):   Man paid prostitute with charity money and a primate, police say

(Link):   (Married) Man paid prostitute with charity money and a primate, police say

  • April 24, 2016
  • A married Oregon pet shop worker paid a prostitute with cash from a Girl Scout donation jar and tipped the sex worker for her services with a small exotic primate, police said.
  • Nathan Allen McClain was charged on April 14 with soliciting a prostitute and was sent to Lane County Jail. He was released later that night, but authorities only announced the details of the case on Friday.
  • “It’s my first time ever recovering a monkey from a prostitute,” Detective Rick Lowe told FOX12.
  • Police began investigating in early March when Zany Zoo Pet Store reported the theft of $7,000 in Girl Scouts donation money, a laptop and a Galago primate nicknamed “Gooey.” Surveillance video from a neighboring store viewed by police allegedly showed McClain, whose wife owns the store, breaking into the pet shop.
  • Gooey was located on March 17 when authorities interviewed an out-of-town prostitute who had the primate. The woman has not been named and is not facing charges.

    The prostitute told police that McClain paid her with money taken from the pet store, including cash stolen from a Girl Scouts donation jar. Gooey was allegedly a tip for the encounter. It is against the law to own an exotic animal without a license in Oregon.