32 Arrested, Included Children’s Minister, in Human Trafficking Case

32 Arrested, Included Children’s Minister, in Human Trafficking Case

I first spotted this via DefendTheSheep’s Twitter account.

It’s stories like this which played a role in me ditching the “equally yoked” teaching, and why I am now much more dubious about church being a good place for Christian singles to meet people to date or marry. (Not that these crimes took place IN a church, but some of the men arrested work in or for churches.)

I’m not sure if the guy in this story was also married and a father. If he is: being a parent, or being married, do not make a person more ethical or mature, as many Christians teach! A person can remain single and childless and be MORE ethical and godly than many parents and married people.

 ▶️ To Christians out there: please stop using news stories like this one to down-play the very real dangers CIS women face if or when Transwomen are  allowed to openly use CIS- women bathrooms and locker rooms (read more about that (Link): here).

Perverts prey on girls and women in or by churches AND in public restrooms and lockerooms, NOT just in or near churches! ❗

(Link): 32 Arrested, Included Children’s Minister, in Human Trafficking Case


May 20, 2016

by WKRN staff

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Thirty-two men and women, including a children’s minister, were arrested on prostitution and human trafficking-related charges in Knoxville.

 The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation made the arrests during a three-day operation called Operation Someone Like Me.

 It was the fifth operation of its kind in the state between the TBI and other law enforcement agencies to help identify, investigate, and prosecute trafficking suspects as well as rescue victims.

 Undercover agents posted ads on Backpage.com. Authorities say those ads received over 300 responses within three days.

 In one ad, authorities posed as a juvenile girl. That ad received more than 24 responses, according to the TBI.

Two of the men arrested, including the children’s minister, responded to ads for what they thought were girls under the age of 18.

WATE identifies the minister as Jason Kennedy for Grace Baptist Church in Knoxville. The church’s website says Kennedy, 46, is a pastor for children from birth through fifth grade.

Court records say he allegedly responded to an ad on May 19 via a text message and was made aware another girl would be present who was underage. A $100 fee for a half hour of sex with both females was reportedly negotiated, according to court records, and Kennedy arranged to meet them at a Best Western.

The children’s minister is further accused of finding out the underage girl was only 15 upon arriving and saying he wanted to have sex with both. WATE reports court documents say he placed $100 on the counter and removed his pants before law enforcement took him into custody.

 Kennedy faces charges of patronizing prostitution and trafficking. He was fired from his position as a minister following his arrest.

 The others charged during “Operation Someone Like Me” are below. The TBI says charges were enhanced due to the location’s proximity to a church.

(visit their page to see the list by clicking link at the top of this blog post)

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