Why Aren’t Millennials Having Sex Anymore? via Relevant Magazine

Why Aren’t Millennials Having Sex Anymore? via Relevant Magazine

This article opens by citing various stats showing that today’s 20 somethings are not having sex, and a lot more of them are virgins.

This article seems pretty familiar – hopefully I have not blogged on it before.

(Link):  Why Aren’t Millennials Having Sex Anymore? via Relevant Magazine. by A. C. Hansbury


October 26, 2015

….Of all the study shows, the most out-of-place finding doesn’t relate to sex but to virginity. Nearly 40 percent of college students claim they’ve never had sex.

Only five years ago, as the Esquire editorial notes, a (Link): 25-year, “exhaustive” study called “Sex Lives of College Students: A Quarter Century of Attitudes and Behaviors,” found that college students who say they’re virgins made up only 13 percent. If both numbers hold up, that’s a startling, 27 percent jump in a really short time span.

….They continue: “It’s as if sexual freedom has become a burden as well as a gift.”

…After all, when sex is everywhere and everyone is having it (87 percent just five years ago), then illicit sex certainly no longer projects independence, and it probably causes more anxiety than it’s worth. We’ve reached the point where sex is widespread and normal, and now it’s boring, like Playboy Magazine.

About a week ago, Playboy made all kinds of news when its leadership (Link):  announced that the magazine will no longer publish nude photographs. Sadly, the decision appears uninfluenced by morality or virtue; rather, the magazine simply can’t survive in the gawkerhood it established. In an instance of true irony, our sexual market is too progressive for Playboy.

In a similar way, sexual hookup culture isn’t edgy or exciting anymore. It’s mainstream, the blue sport coat of the past 20 years. Today’s twentysomethings—at least those in these particular studies—feel no pressure to engage in the right-of-passage sex that (seemingly) dominated cultural thinking several years ago.

(One couple at NYU, both of whom identify as asexuals, told New York Magazine that they’re “happily” in an asexual relationship.)

With everyone rushing to define themselves by their sexual escapades, the more unique option seems to be to abstain. Like the newly restrained Playboy, this represents more evidence that sexual liberation isn’t all that liberating—and liberation itself isn’t all that satisfying.(( click here to read the rest ))

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