Man Alone At Zoo Accused of Being Pedophile For Taking Photos Around Public Fountain

Man Alone At Zoo Accused of Being Pedophile For Taking Photos Around Public Fountain


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I am unclear if the man in this story is married or not. He might be married.

Regardless, he is a photographer who went to a zoo alone.

He wanted to take photos of the architecture around the zoo.

Some women saw him taking photos, and automatically assumed that an adult alone snapping photos must be a pedophile.

The women got the zoo security involved – and I think local police eventually got involved, too. The guy showed the content of his camera to the security or the cops, which showed no photos of kids on it.

The guy was kicked out of the zoo for the remainder of the day.

I did a blog post about this a long time ago, but various studies have shown that the majority of pedophiles are MARRIED MEN – not single ones. Therefore, the women in this news story need to be more paranoid of married men.

(Link):   Man accused of taking photos of young girls banned from Zoo Miami

  • by Amanda Batchelor – Senior Digital Editor
  • Posted: 3:28 PM, May 11, 2016Updated: 10:12 AM, May 12, 2016
  • Woman says man was taking photos of girls in bathing suits
  • MIAMI – A man was asked not to return to Zoo Miami after he was caught by a parent taking photos of young girls, Zoo Miami spokesman Ron Magill said.

  • Details of the incident were posted to Facebook by a woman who said her friend Tatiana caught the man, identified by police as Eduard Glezin, 42, taking photos of her infant daughter and other young girls who were wearing bathing suits.
  • …According to Tatiana, a security guard eventually arrived and asked the man why he was photographing the girls to which he replied, because they are “beautiful.”
  • …The concerned mother said she was told by the officer that unfortunately it’s not illegal to photograph children in public places, but the officer told both mothers that he made sure the photos were deleted from the man’s camera.

  • [The cops didn’t find any photos of kids on the man’s camera].

    … Magill said the man was asked not to return to the zoo.

(Link):  Man accused of taking pictures of children at Zoo Miami defends actions

  • Eduard Glezin, 42, says limited English, aggressive women led to confusion
  • …Eduard Glezin, 42, said in an email to Local 10 News that he was taking photographs of sculptures and fountains at the zoo May 11 when he was approached by a woman who made “aggressive comments” directed at him.
  • …Next, Glezin said, a Zoo Miami security guard approached and asked him why he was taking photographs of children. Glezin said, in his limited English, that he was taking pictures “of nice views” and showed the guard that he had deleted all the photos that upset the women.
  • Glezin said he and two of the women were escorted to the zoo’s office, where police were called. In order to communicate with the two officers, Glezin used an electronic translator application on his phone.
  • …”One officer said that he needed to make sure that my camera had no photos with children,” Glezin said. “I (voluntarily) gave them my camera and smartphone. After they made sure that I did not have photos of children, they told me that there is no complaint or charges to file against me, because I had done nothing wrong.”
  • ….Police verified that there were no pictures of children on Glezin’s camera. However, according to the report, zoo staff told Glezin that he needed to leave the property.

    …In Glezin’s letter to Local 10, he said that he was taking photos for all to see and was never asked to stop.

    “As I was escorted through the park, I saw the women again and I began to apologize to them for the incident,” Glezin said. “One of them said, ‘It is not OK!’ and took pictures of me with her smartphone.”

    …Rodolfo Turino, facility operations manager at Zoo Miami, said the incident is not the first involving a parent calling security about someone taking photos of children. He said that often times it is just a misunderstanding between the concerned parent and the photographer, giving an example of an older man who appears to be alone but is actually taking pictures of his grandchildren.

    …Maria, who spoke to Local 10 News reporter Janine Stanwood on the telephone Monday, acknowledges that the incident involving Glezin could have been a misunderstanding, but she still maintains that she was uncomfortable with a man, who wasn’t with children of his own, taking photos.

    …”I was happy when I found out he was banned,” she said, unaware that Glezin had only been ousted for the day.

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