Necrophiliac Gets Prison For Killing Teacher on First Date Whom He Met Using Dating Site

Necrophiliac Gets Prison For Killing Teacher on First Date Whom He Met Using Dating Site

(Link): Necrophiliac Gets Prison For Killing Teacher on First Date Whom He Met Using Dating Site

June 3, 2016

Psycho killer Carl Langdell was jailed Friday for a minimum of 26 years after confessing to murdering a young teacher he met on an online dating site.

Sick fantastist Langdell lured innocent Katie Locke to a meeting via the website Plenty of Fish.

The killer told Katie, 23, he was a lawyer — setting up a fake LinkedIn account — before throttling the teacher and dumping her body near a dumpster.

He had taken photos of her dead body and sexually assaulted her.

On Friday, a judge handed Langdell a life sentence and told him that having sex with Locke’s dead body “increased the depravity of the murder.”

The judge told him: “I am firmly of the view that you pose a very great danger to women and young girls with whom you come into contact in the future and I note that you have described yourself to others as a monster and a psychopath because of what you did to Katie Locke.”

The sicko had previously tortured the victim’s family by refusing to confirm her final moments — or explain the motive for his horrific attack.

St Albans crown court on Thursday heard Langdell had confessed to raping her dead body and taking pictures on his phone before using a laundry trolley to dump the corpse on the grounds of a hotel.

He then confessed the killing over the phone to his mom, describing himself as “a monster” and apologizing for ruining her Christmas.

The court heard he was a mentally unwell fantasist who contacted Locke, who taught history and politics at a school in Hackney, east London, through the dating site Plenty of Fish two weeks earlier.

…The judge told Langdell, who showed no emotion as he was led away: “You confessed to the psychiatric nurse responsible for your care that you were attracted to the younger sister of your girlfriend and wanted to cut her throat, take her clothes off to see her naked and have sex with her dead body.“Taking account of the aggravating and mitigating circumstances in your case, I set the minimum term for the sentence of life imprisonment I must pass upon you at 26 years.

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