Dad Buys Full-Page $900 Newspaper Ad Seeking a Wife for His 48 Year Old, Never Married Son

Dad Buys Full-Page $900 Newspaper Ad Seeking a Wife for His 48 Year Old, Never Married Son

I hope this father realizes that men over 40 who father kids are more likely to father a kid with various diseases, see link 1, link 2, link 3.

(Link): Dad places newspaper ad to find wife for son

(Link):  Dad seeks ‘wife’ for 48-year-old son with full-page newspaper ad

(Link):  Wife wanted: Dad places spouse-needed ad in Idaho newspaper

The ad gives a brief description of Brooks, including a photo with the disclaimer, “I look just like my picture, except I now have grey hair.” The “About You” section states applicants “Will be attractive being height and weight proportional.” It also goes on to say that applicants should be prepared to have children with Brooks and also be a stay-at- home mom.


He said his father has been ill and wants a grandson to carry on the family name.Brooks compared his father to Larry David’s character in the TV series “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” saying he “thinks he does the right thing, and then it all blows up in his face.”He said he’d never buy an ad like this himself, but “it’s worth a shot. Can’t hurt.”

(Link):  Full-page newspaper ad seeking wife

(Link): Dad Buys Full-Page $900 Newspaper Ad Seeking a Wife for His 48 Year Old, Never Married Son

One father in Beverly Hills is trying to find his son a wife the old-fashioned way.

Arthur Brooks, 78, spent $900 on a full-page ad in Idaho’s Coeur d’Alene Press newspaper using the headline “Looking For a Wife.”

Arthur specified the age, height and political leanings that his future daughter-in-law should have.

“You must be politically conservative. This is very important to me,” the ad reads, in part. “If you voted for Obama or plan to vote for Hillary you are not for me.”

Brooks’ son Baron, of Salt Lake City, told (Link): The Spokesman-Review that his father placed the ad without his consent.

“I can’t even describe to you how embarrassing and ridiculous this is,” he said. “What am I supposed to do? He already did it. No sense in defusing a bomb once it’s already gone off.”

….Although Baron is mortified by his father’s actions, he said he doesn’t want to hurt his dad’s feelings, so he is actually letting him interview the women who respond. Arthur and the potential candidates will meet at a resort in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, this weekend.

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