NFL Star Benjamin Watson: America Is Not a Christian Country

NFL Star Benjamin Watson: America Is Not a Christian Country

I skimmed this page over last night, and I think I pretty much agree with this guy. Again, I only skimmed, I didn’t stop to read each and every line, but from what I skimmed, I agreed with his views.

(Link): NFL Star Benjamin Watson: America Is Not a Christian Country


  • Outspoken Christian NFL player Benjamin Watson took to his Facebook over the Independence Day weekend to assert that America is clearly not a Christian nation and urged Christians to be less concerned about returning the country to a “Christian past” and more concerned about making disciples.
  • Watson, a 12-season veteran tight end who signed with the Baltimore Ravens this offseason and is a frequent social commentator on his social media accounts, issued a Facebook post on Saturday to tell his followers that he is getting “frustrated” with the morality of the nation.
  • “From my youth I have subconsciously and rather naively believed the narrative that America was a Christian nation without truly unpacking this claim,” Watson wrote. “As I’ve entered my adult life, becoming more aware and emotionally invested in the trajectory of my homeland, this faulty view has led to my current internal disillusionment with the moral decline of this so called Christian country.”

    “With each wayward step I find myself getting frustrated, and at times baffled at what it claims to be right. And wrong,” Watson continued. “I’ve come to realize that my problem is not with America though. It is with my flawed expectations of America.”

    Although most Americans today (Link): self-identify as Christian, that fact does not make it a Christian nation, Watson contended.

    “In truth it has always been a nation whose spoken allegiance to God conflicted with its tangible observable deeds,” Watson added. “Such a discrepancy is a warning to all of us as we struggle for consistency between our words and our actions.”

    Watson listed a couple of “observable” bad deeds normalized in American society of the past and present that show the country is not necessarily driven by Christian principles — slavery and abortion. He also points out that there is a growing movement in the America to censor components of “biblical Christianity.”

    …America now faces a “critical juncture,” Watson asserted, adding that the juncture is less about America turning back to a “Christian past” and more about continuing to “fight and advance the charge given by Christ 2,000 years ago to simply make disciples.”

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