I Was Single For Decades. Now I’m Happily Married and Feel Like I’ve ‘Sold Out.’ by A. Landa

I Was Single For Decades. Now I’m Happily Married and Feel Like I’ve ‘Sold Out.’ by A. Landa

(Link): I was single for decades. Now I’m happily married and feel like I’ve ‘sold out.’ by A. Landa


August 2016

…So why did it take me years to address us in the plural because I felt allergic to the word “we”? Why did he have to practically blackmail me before I would put his name on the voice mail? And why have I repeatedly recoiled at the idea of mingling our finances?

My flip answer is that it’s out of habit. I spent my teens and 20s single. My husband is the only significant relationship I’ve had, and we didn’t start dating until I was 30. I enjoy listing off the achievements made easier given my single status: living overseas, entering graduate school, launching a freelance career.

For a long time, I felt as though love would always evade me, that my nose would be pressed against the glass forever as I watched from the outside, destined never to have what I so coveted.

Now I’m in a secure and happy marriage. Instead of celebrating my entry into the world I’d so hoped to know, I feel guilty for abandoning the world of the single, no longer able to make proclamations that I could do life on my own and that I didn’t need anyone else. 

Now, there’s a sense of selling out.

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(Link):   Single Adult Christian Pressured Into Marriage by Her Church – And Regrets It


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