The Myth of the Good Ole Days by A. Bevere

The Myth of the Good Ole Days by A. Bevere

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There is no such thing as the good ole’ days. It is a myth constructed by people with amnesia who have forgotten or have chosen not to remember the problems and perils of earlier days. Allow me to offer some evidence:
-An estimated 20% of American children live in poverty today. More lived in poverty in 1900 and an estimated 20% lived in orphanages because their parents couldn’t afford them.

 -In the nineteenth century the age of sexual consent in several states was nine or ten.
-At the beginning of the Civil War, there were proportionately as many abortions being performed annually as there are today.
-In the period of the American Revolution, it was not uncommon for an engaged couple to have sex prior to marriage.
-The child sex slave trade was just as prevalent one hundred years ago as it is today.

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