Love-Sick Teenager Who Won’t Take No For an Answer is Finally Shut Down by his Ex-Girlfriend’s FATHER in an Epic Text Exchange – Men of All Ages Need To Learn to Handle Rejection and to Respect Other People’s Boundaries in Dating

Love-Sick Teenager Who Won’t Take No For an Answer is Finally Shut Down by his Ex-Girlfriend’s FATHER in an Epic Text Exchange – Men of All Ages Need To Learn to Handle Rejection and to Respect Other People’s Boundaries in Dating

If there are any MEN reading this – especially men over the age of 21 – you need to realize that some of you are just as bad in your online behavior, especially on dating sites and apps, as this 15 year old kid is.

See how obnoxiously persistent this teen kid is, how he keeps dragging this exchange on and on with the teen girl’s father? This is how 90% of you men over the age of 21 behave towards grown women online, especially on dating sites.

You men refuse to take “no” from women for an answer, or to choose to view a woman turning you down as the ultimate insult.

You men take rejection by women far too personally, and send negative, nasty, insulting comments to some women, all for merely politely turning you down on a site, for refusing to give you their number, or going on a date with you.

Women you don’t know (single women) don’t owe you squat in life – women don’t owe you a smile, flirtation, chit chat, their phone numbers, sex, emotional support, or dates.

You will be turned down as you go through life by various women you flirt with or ask on dates – it’s a reality. Get over it. Learn to let go, accept defeat graciously, and stop taking it so damn personally.

Learn to respect other people’s boundaries. If a woman or girl tells you “no” or “not interested,” just let it go. Don’t send the girl or woman nasty, insulting messages if or when she turns you down. Just move along.

The following page is filled with a billion screen caps of the text exchanges between the annoyingly persistent teen boy and the teen girl’s father.

If you want to see the screen caps, click the link to visit this Daily Mail page, because I’m not copying them all on to my blog:

(Link):  Love-sick teenager who won’t take no for an answer is finally shut down by his ex-girlfriend’s FATHER in an epic text exchange 

One father took his daughter’s suitor to town via text after the youngster pleaded to talk to the girl in a series of messages with some abominable spelling.

The desperate teenage Casanova begged the parent to allow him to speak to Skylar, the daughter, in images shared in Imgur – but with very limited luck.

The 15-year-old, Nathan Gray, is soon schooled by father Robert with various stinging life lessons, before he resorts simply to sending amusing memes to quiet the persistent young man.

The messages start pleasantly enough although Nathan struggles with spelling and grammar from the get go.

He writes: ‘Hay Robert I’m Skylar ex is thier eny way I can talk to her plz sir. [sic]’

Robert replies, in reference to the young man’s topless selfie used on his phone: ‘No. Put a shirt on also.’

Not to be deterred, Nathan continues:  ‘Plz sir i have not talk to her in 2 years’.

Totally unfazed, Robert replies: ‘I don’t particularly care about that. Stop messaging me.’

Nathan carries on pressing the father, taking a personal angle in an attempt to manipulate him.

‘So you don’t care about your douter [sic]’ he writes.

‘And ur douter is old enough to make her on mind if she qonts to talk to me ad she can and if she don’t she don’t have to [sic]’.

Robert decides to lay down the law at this moment, and gives this speech:

‘Life lessons kiddo…maybe you write these down:

‘1. Wear a shirt or quit skipping chest day at daycare

‘2. Don’t message a girl’s father begging to talk to her. It makes you look pathetic.

‘3. Learn basic spelling and grammar. You’ll never be taken seriously in life if you can’t spell “hey” or “daughter” for example.

‘4. If a grown a** man tells you that you can’t speak to his daughter, the answer will not change regardless of how many times you ask.

‘5. She was not your ex, as she never dated you (in the sense that you are barely old enough to wipe your own a**, let alone take a lady on a proper date).

‘6. Even if she was your ex, it is for a reason. As you age and have real relationships that end, leave them in the past where they belong.

‘7. NO!’

Nathan will not take no for an answer.

He says: ‘Yes she was my ex we dated for a year and the only reason we broke up is because she stopped going to Mike, her real father, when she was 14.

‘And I’m 15 I know how to wipe my a** and I can take a young lady on a proper date ok.’

It is at this point, realising that rational words will not get him anywhere with Nathan, Robert switches to the language of memes.

Robert says: ‘How about no.’

Nathan replies: ‘If you give me one reasons me and her should not take then I’ll quit texting you. One good reason.’

Robert replied: ‘Chances are, Dale disapproves of what you are doing.’

Nathan rebuts: ‘See you have no good reason why we should not talk. You just don’t like me because you don’t know me.’

Robert says: ‘Lol brah, not gonna happen.’

Nathan asks: ‘Why not? Give me one good reason.’

Robert says: ‘I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the majesty of my beard.’

—– end text messages ———

Their conversation goes ON AND ON AND ON AND ON – I am not even going to reproduce the rest of it.

In this instance, it’s a Dad who was putting up with that, but that is a small taste of what girls and women routinely get from you slobs online who cannot and will not graciously accept rejection.

I consider this sort of non-stop pestering that this “Nathan” kid was engaging in to be a form of harassment, abuse, and stalking – and it looks extremely desperate. You will NOT make yourself look appealing to a girl or woman when you behave this way.

Single men of the world, do NOT be like 15 year old Nathan. If a girl doesn’t want to talk to you, date you, give you her number or meet you anywhere, live with it, don’t keep pestering the female or shower her with insults.

There are other fish in the sea, try asking other girls out if the first is not interested.

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