Did Hell Freeze Over?: Liberal Rag Promotes Idea that Celibacy is Acceptable, and a Valid Life Choice / Re: 2016 Study Says Millennials Aren’t Having Much Sex

Did Hell Freeze Over?: Liberal Rag Promotes Idea that Celibacy is Acceptable, and a Valid Life Choice / Re: 2016 Study Says Millennials Aren’t Having Much Sex

The following editorial comes from left wing site Salon, known for publishing pieces by left wing feminist Marcotte, who likes to insist everyone respect women’s sexual choices except for virginity and celibacy – she thinks it’s okay to mock those (see this link and this link for more on that).

Most of the time, liberals are loathe to admit that it’s okay for adults (or kids) to be virgins or celibates. They often portray the state of being abstinent as being sexually repressed or weird. They get all judgey-judgemental about it, but at the same time ask us not to “slut shame” the people, especially women, who boink around like dogs in heat.

So, I was quite surprised to see this liberal editorial defending the idea that it’s okay for people to be chaste, and that people need to stop pressuring everyone to have sex. This sort of editorial from a left wing site is very, very rare.

(Link):   Millennial Sex Panic! Why are we so worried they aren’t getting enough action? by R K Bussel


Everyone calm down and stop judging young adults for “missing out on a good time”

….While the study’s findings are of cultural interest about changing sexual practices, an unfortunate side effect is the concurrent media sex panic. To wit: a Washington Post headline asked if this means “(Link): the end of sex?” while (Link): The Cut touted “Millennials Confirm That Sex Is No Longer Cool.”

Also making news this week: a separate (Link): new study by ad agency Havas Worldwide is now having us fret that  millennials (Link): prefer food over sex, some of the time, anyway, to which I say—who cares? That may sound callous, but I simply can’t get behind what feels like the opposite of slut shaming in a push to urge young people to pursue sex like their social lives depend on it.

Sex is not a milestone we need to pass on like the holy grail; every generation is entitled to define their sexuality however they like, even if that means they’d prefer to just take a break from it.

Another (Link): headline read “No sex please, we’re Millennials’ iGeneration doesn’t like it hot.”

….(Link): The Washington Post, in a separate article, quoted a 26-year-old financial analyst named Sam Wei, who hasn’t had sex in 18 months—by choice. She could if she wanted to, but she’d generally rather bond in other ways, like kissing and cuddling. “To me, there’s more intimacy with having someone there next to you that you can rely on without having to have sex. I don’t want to do anything that would harm the relationship and be something that we can’t come back from,” she told the paper.

I dare anyone who finds her attitude repellant to get honest about the fact that sometimes sex is disappointing; sometimes it does ruin friendships.

I’m not here to be a nookie naysayer, but I completely understand where she’s coming from. Even if I didn’t, it’s in no way my place to decide for her what forms of closeness to her fellow humans she should prefer…

A younger millennial, 18-year-old Noah Patterson, has never had sex because he’d rather “be watching YouTube videos and making money.” He said he’s not curious about the act because, “I’ve seen so much of it. . . . There isn’t really anything magical about it, right?”

It’s his indifference that seems to have riled so many who feel compelled to convince others that sex is, indeed, “magical.” But why does sex need a PR campaign? Why can’t he be entitled to entertainment and business over sex? I was tempted to add “for now,” but that’s just buying into the idea that sex will eventually lead everyone down their personal yellow brick road to a happy life. Maybe not everyone’s utopia involves getting it on; we should all be adult enough to admit that sex is not a panacea or the ticket to a perfect life.

…If we want to value sexual freedom and autonomy, we have to do so for those who prefer nightly orgies as well as those who’d rather hold off on sex, whether for a given period of time, indefinitely or even permanently.

I’m far more offended by the fact that Norman Spack, associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, felt free to insert his own subjective sexual cheerleading by telling the Washington Post, “Everyone’s missing out on a good time,” than by whatever the statistic du jour is about millennials getting it on.

What if someone else’s version of a “good time” is different from yours? What’s also missing largely missing from these conversations is how we measure the meaning of sex in our lives.

The author takes the opportunity in her essay to bash abstinence based sex ed, something I don’t think I agree with her on.

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