Democrats Using Family Values and Religion as Platforms or Draws – UGH

Democrats Using Family Values and Religion as Platforms or Draws – UGH

If you’re new to the blog: I have been a Republican my entire life, but one who has been unhappy with the Republican Party the last few years, for various reasons, but including, their pandering to “Family Values.”

I am not against Nuclear Families, but I am opposed to the amount of attention and focus placed on the traditional family unit by Republicans, Christians, and other conservatives.

I have recently learned that the Democratic Party is now using the GOP strategy of claiming to be “pro Family Values” and speaking fondly of Christianity to appeal to voters. I cannot believe they are doing this – it’s one reason some right wingers, like myself, are tired of the GOP and most conservative churches.

Of course, the Democrats are trying to cast Christianity in their own image (according to some sources I’m seeing), in that they are saying the faith is compatible with homosexuality, and so on.

Anyway, here are links to various articles and podcasts about the Democrats trying to sort of sound like Republicans vis a vis “Family Values” and so on (some of the following come from Democrat or Liberal sources or are written BY Democrats or Liberals, so they are promoting this as being a good thing):

(Link): Janet Mefferd Radio Program (podcast online): Democrats and Family Values (Augst 2, 2016)

To the surprise of many, rebranded versions of Christianity and family values were on display at the recent Democratic National Convention. But how are those concepts being co-opted for progressive purposes? We’ll talk about it. Plus: Jimmy Dodd, president of the PastorServe ministry, explains why “Pastors are People Too.”

(Link):   Michelle Obama And The New Face Of Family Values

(Link):   The Democrats Have Reclaimed GOP Values And Made Them Better

Long excerpt:

Thanks to Donald Trump, Democrats can now show America that they are the party of family values, business, patriotism, and national pride.

An unintended and at least for the GOP, an unexpected consequence, of having Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president is that the Democrats seem to be poaching themes normally used by the right.

Poaching themes is not unique to the Democrats. I sat dumbfounded as Ivanka Trump, the republican nominee’s daughter, delivered her speech to the screaming, frothing crowd at the RNC.

“As President, my father will change the labor laws that were put into place at a time when women were not a significant portion of the workforce,” she said. “And he will focus on making quality childcare affordable and accessible for all.”

Wait, what? I thought for sure she’d be pulled from the stage and locked away, but instead the crowd just got frothier as she talked about equal pay, health insurance, student debt, and even empathy and generosity. It was seemingly stripped from the DNC platform and because the daughter of a RINO was presenting it, the crowd went nuts.

Ivanka’s speech was an oasis in the midst of a tsunami of ego, hate, destruction, imminent violence, and dire warnings of the inevitable apocalypse.

The usual rhetoric of the GOP was conspicuously missing from the convention, allowing the Democrats to swoop is and call them their own.

Patriotism, American greatness, exceptionalism, references to founding documents and even the “shining city on a hill,” have all appeared in speeches at this year’s Democratic National Convention, and Republicans are noticing.

…Michelle Obama’s speech was, at many times, a conversation about family values, but rather than presenting it in tight evangelical Christian moral codes the way Republicans do, Obama emphasized community and togetherness. That family values are about setting a good example and providing a better life for your kids.

According to this page, it looks like traditional family values in the Republican Party is dead and gone (they are pandering to homosexuals now):

(Link):  New Gay-Friendly GOP Targets LGBTQ Voters With Fabulousness, Fearmongering, While Democrats Embrace Hillary Clinton, Transgender MovementNew Gay-Friendly GOP Targets LGBTQ Voters With Fabulousness, Fearmongering, While Democrats Embrace Hillary Clinton, Transgender Movement

I don’t like the Republican Party obsessing over Family Values constantly, but now it look as though the Democratic Party is doing the same thing.

Is there any political party remaining that does NOT suck up to “Family Values” type groups?

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