Preacher Flogs Two Adult Singles for Fornicating

Preacher Flogs Two Adult Singles for Fornicating and Contemplating Abortion

I believe I first saw this news story via Watchkeep’s Twitter.

I do think most (American) churches are too lax about sexual sin – they either refuse to call fornication (pre-marital sex) out for the sin it is, or they water it down to make it sound like not such a big deal (as do a lot of people who complain about “purity culture” on blogs and social media).

Having said that, I do think that flogging people for pre-marital sex is extreme and should not be done. That is a kooky over-reaction to fornication, to say the least.

I wonder if this preacher also flogs married people who commit adultery?

About the only positive thing I can say about this (and no, I’m not condoning it) is the guy at least held the young man equally responsible. Often times, these types of religious guys will blame the woman, and only the woman, for sexual sin, while the male gets off scot-free.

(Link):  Ghanaian Pastor who Flogged Church Members for Fornicating Arrested over N964m Fraud

August 2016

Police have arrested the controversial Ghanaian Preacher Bishop Daniel Obinim, who was seen in a viral video, flogging two people, purported to be his step children, for allegedly having sex and attempting to abort the resulting pregnancy.

Here are more links about it:

(Link): Bishop Obinim whips teenage members for fornication

August 18, 2016

Controversial man of God and founder of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has sparked another controversy after he was captured in a video whipping teenage church members he accused of sleeping around.

In one instance, a lady in the 3-minute video, was seen wailing after being subjected to inhumane treatment by the supposed Man of God who is believed to be thriving on series of controversies recently.

It is unclear which part of the bible justifies the conduct of Bishop Obinim who used a black leather belt severely beating the poor congregants until the female sought refuge in Florence Obinim, but assistant went for her and handed her over to his boss.

Another young man was equally not spared the torture of Bishop Daniel Obinim who has always found justification for whatever he does.

(Link):  Ghanaian pastor whips church members for ‘fornicating’ [Video]

A Ghanaian pastor is trending on social media after a circulating video shows him whipping a “pregnant” young woman and a man during church service for engaging in premarital sex.

In the Akan language, the event was live on the church’s satellite television channel on Wednesday with English translation heard faintly in the background as well as a cheering congregation.

Bishop Daniel Obinim, who is not new to controversies, was captured with a belt in one hand and a microphone in the other questioning while whipping the young shirtless man and the fleeing woman.

He questioned the young man, whom he described as a student, if he was financially capable of catering for the woman and a baby.

As he whips the two, the young woman whom he described as a beauty therapy apprentice, sought refuge from his wife who tried shielding her. Another pastor carried her back for more.

“I won’t forgive you. When you met her and you were having sex, did you think Prophet Obinim will not catch you? If he doesn’t catch you he will catch you in the room,” Obinim said while he whipped the man and asked other pastors to continue the flogging.


The event has been condemned by Ghanaians on social media and some civil society groups.

(Link):  Ghana Pastor, Bishop Obinim Defends Beating Pregnant Girl, Boyfriend For Fornication

A Ghanaian Pentecostal leader, Bishop Daniel Obinim has defended his beating two a pregnant member of his church for fornicating and attempting abortion.

The founder and leader of the International Godsway Church said that he was forced to discipline the two after God revealed to him in a vision during prophecy time in his church that the two had not only been engaging in amorous acts but also tried without success to abort a pregnancy which resulted from that.

(Link):  Controversial Ghanaian cleric whips hell out of two adults for engaging in pre-marital sex 

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