Schoolgirl Drugged and Raped on Her 10th Birthday Was Chopped Up and Burned in Bathtub ‘by Own Family’

Schoolgirl Drugged and Raped on Her 10th Birthday Was Chopped Up and Burned in Bathtub ‘by Own Family’ 

This post contains vulgar language by me. Because I am incensed at what happened to this little girl, and how Christians tend to teach about or react to stories such as this.

-October 2016 update much farther below-

Terrible story. I feel so bad for this little girl.

The only consoling thing I can possibly think of is that she was probably so doped up (the mother’s boyfriend injected her with drugs or something before attacking her) that she at least was maybe un-aware of what was happening to her and could not feel any physical or psychological pain (I hope).

The articles say the girl’s mother just sat there and watched passively as her boyfriend doped up, raped, and killed her biological daughter (the man’s cousin, some woman named Jessica Kelley, also assaulted and attacked the girl).

SIDE RANT. Note to my fellow Pro-Lifers in the Abortion Debate:

I have read other news stories that talk about mama cats walking in and out of burning buildings to take their baby kittens out of the raging fire, one at a time, saving them all, and putting their own lives at risk in the process.

You see, there are some ANIMALS who are BETTER PARENTS to their offspring than some HUMANS.

So please, let’s lay off the whiny nonsense about how, “Oh, geepers, the media pay more attention to Cecil the Lion being killed by the dentist than abortions in Planned Parenthood, that’s not right” type stuff.

I’ve read two or three news reports about this so far.

This first one I’m linking to on here says that the girl’s mother met her boyfriend (the guy who killed the girl,) online.  I’m not sure if that means they met on a dating site or where exactly.

Many Christians like to say that being married and/or a parent are necessary to make a person more mature, godly, or responsible or loving. News stories like this show that to be absolute bunk. Parenthood and marriage are not magical panaceas that just cause people to be more ethical and loving. Give me a break.

I have always supported the death penalty – and news items like this is a big reason why.

Unfortunately, the death penalty is not an option in the state where this crime took place (New Mexico). New Mexico should certainly reconsider putting the death penalty into place.

Also, I tire – so tire – of (and it’s usually, but not, always) progressive Christians who pout and cry about ‘how can a loving God send people to Hell for eternity.’ (Sometimes some atheists I’ve seen online muse about this, too.)

They boo-hoo and wah-wah over the eternal suffering of people, even people who murder and rape infants and ten year old children.

Some Christians who find the idea of an eternal, real place of suffering to be too mean or unsettling like to teach that Hell is not a literal place but only a mind-set, in which in the afterlife, unforgiven sinners will not suffer physical torment but only, gosh gee, feel super duper sad they can’t hang out with God in Heaven (some conservative Christians actually believe this).

In spite of the fact Christ warned about Hell 50 billion times in the New Testament and what a bad place it is, and he did not say it was temporary or an allegory, yet other touchy-feely Christians sit around fantasizing that they think in the end, God will send everyone to Heaven, whee!, Yay!, a happy ending for everyone, no matter how twisted they were while on earth. -Naive little twinkies, who are not interested in justice.

I for one am glad if there is a literal Hell, a place of physical (not just allegorical, symbolic, or mental) anguish precisely because of sacks of shit like the three adults in these articles I am linking you to farther below.

The three adults in this article fully deserve an eternity of physical and mental suffering in a very real, literal fire in Hell.

And next up: no, I’m not as bad a sinner as these perverted sacks of shit in this news article.

Why do I point out this obvious truth?

Because there are some Calvinists out there (and maybe some Fundamentalists) who like to argue that ALL of humanity is JUST AS BAD as these three monsters who raped and murdered this girl.

First of all, the Bible does not teach that all sins are equal in evil, severity, or offense to God, so no, not all sinners are equally evil.

Secondly, every day life experience goes to show that not every one would rape and murder a little child, or would WANT to do such an evil thing. So up yours, you Calvinists and Fundies who teach that demonic bullshit. Not all sins are equal, and not all sinners are equally evil.

For some Christians to equate something as heinous as the rape and murder of a ten year old child, to say, someone’s gambling addiction, or to telling a white lie, or to cheating on their taxes, is a form of evil itself – and may you burn in Hell if you do believe that way.

I don’t believe people who believe that sort of theology are truly “saved.” Assuming the Bible is true and there is a God – I think when these types of perverted “Christians” stand before Christ, Christ will say to them, “Get away from me, I never knew you, you worker of iniquity.”

(Link): Schoolgirl drugged and raped on her 10th birthday was chopped up and burned in bathtub ‘by own family’

Aug 26, 2016

Police Chief Gordon Eden said: “This is the most gruesome act of evil I have ever seen… a complete disregard of human life and betrayal by a mother”

A schoolgirl’s dismembered body was discovered in a burning bathtub after she was allegedly drugged and raped on the day after her 10th birthday, it’s reported.

Victoria Martens was injected with methamphetamine, sexually assaulted, strangled and stabbed before her remains were partially wrapped in a blanket and set on fire, police said.

Experienced detectives described the killing as the “most gruesome act of evil” they have ever seen.

The girl’s 35-year-old mother Michelle Martens, her boyfriend Fabian Gonzales, 31, and his cousin Jessica Kelley, also 31, were all arrested on Wednesday night.

Officers were called to a disturbance at Arroyo Villas Apartment Complex in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they saw a cloud of smoke wafting from the bathroom, the Albuquerque Journal reports.

Inside they were met with the horrifying scene as the youngster lay reportedly burning in the bathtub, while parts of her body were found in a plastic bag in a laundry hamper and the bedroom floor was stained with blood.

Martens and Gonzales, who had been dating for around a month after meeting online, face multiple charges including child abuse resulting in great bodily harm.

Kelley had reportedly been allowed to stay at Martens home after she was released from prison four days earlier.

A police report alleges that Martens admits Gonzales and Kelley gave the girl methamphetamine “to calm her down so they could have sex with her.”

Gonzales sexually assaulted the little girl as Kelley covered the girl’s mouth and Martens watched, it’s alleged.

She claimed Gonzales then strangled Victoria and Kelley stabbed her before the two of them dismembered the girl’s body and Martens told police she was not involved in the death.

The incident is said to have happened on the day Victoria was due to celebrate her 10th birthday, (Link): CBS news reports.

Albuquerque Police Department Chief Gordon Eden said in statement: “This homicide is the most gruesome act of evil I have ever seen in my career.

“A complete disregard of human life and betrayal by a mother. So many are in need of the support and prayers of our community.”

Police spokesman Tanner Tixier emotionally told reporters the girl’s body was so mutilated that investigators were unsure how she died.

They believe she may have died from asphyxiation or stab wounds, but are awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination.


Leading up to her death, Victoria Martens’ mother allegedly sat by and watched as her boyfriend forcibly injected the terrified 10-year-old with methamphetamine in order to “calm her down” so that he and Kelley could sexually assault her. Gonzales and Kelley then allegedly proceeded to sexually assault New Mexico 10-year-old Victoria Martens as her mother looked on. Reportedly, her mother told investigators that Jessica Kelley then stabbed the little girl in the stomach while Gonzales strangled her.

…Leading up to her death, Victoria Martens’ mother allegedly sat by and watched as her boyfriend forcibly injected the terrified 10-year-old with methamphetamine in order to “calm her down” so that he and Kelley could sexually assault her.

Gonzales and Kelley then allegedly proceeded to sexually assault New Mexico 10-year-old Victoria Martens as her mother looked on. Reportedly, her mother told investigators that Jessica Kelley then stabbed the little girl in the stomach while Gonzales strangled her.


August 26, 2016 06:25 PM

The third suspect accused in the death of a 10-year-old girl is now in jail.

Jessica Kelley, 31, was released from UNM Hospital Friday and has been booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center. Kelley, along with Michelle Martens and Fabian Gonzales are accused in the rape, death and dismemberment of 10-year-old Victoria Martens – the horrifying crime that has left Albuquerque shaken.

…..Kelley’s grandfather spoke to KOB but he did not want to show his face or use his name. He said a life of drugs and crime turned Kelley into the person she is today.

“I can’t understand how anybody can do that to kid,” he said. “I just can’t see it.”

Even though there is no death penalty in New Mexico, he brought it up and said, “If she in fact did what they said, that would be fine. It would not bother me or the family one bit.”

(Link): BUTCHERED ON HER BIRTHDAY – Girl, 10, is drugged before being raped, dismembered and set on fire as her mum, stepdad and his cousin are arrested by cops

One of the police officers who arrived at the apartment found the girl’s body in a bathroom, rolled up in a blanket that had been set on fire. The officer put it out.

—October 2016 Update —

This woman is beyond trash, beyond demonic. She should be tortured for hours on end and decapitated by police.

Obviously, the man is also trash and should receive the same fate, but there is something extra perverse and deranged about a parent allowing this to happen to her own kid.

I have always supported the death penalty – stories like this is why (though I don’t think NM has the death penalty, which is the same. I am keeping my fingers crossed that perhaps someone in some prison she’s staying in will use a shiv to murder her, the scum.)

Other news reports say the sexual abuse by the boyfriend went on for a month prior to the murder, and that he made video porn of some of the attacks.

Other news reports say the little girl begged her mother for help as she was being raped and killed.

Link): New Mexico Mom Watched BF Rape & Murder Daughter, 10, Then Had Sex With Him

October 11, 2016

This is absolutely horrifying. A heartless mother, Michelle Martens, admitted she did NOTHING to stop her BF [boyfriend] & his cousin from drugging, raping, and strangling her little girl as she begged for mercy. And after her child’s brutal murder, she shockingly had sex with her BF, the same man who had just tortured her daughter to death. Get all the heartbreaking details here.

Michelle Martens, 35, admitted that she not only sat back and watched, but also ALLOWED her boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales, 31, and his cousin, Jessica Kelley, to viciously rape her 10-year-old daughter Victoria Martens and then murder her on Aug. 23, the day after her 10th birthday. In fact, just 20 minutes after the horrific attack, Michelle also admitted that she had sex with Fabian.

Even more saddening, Michelle revealed that she had allowed Fabian and Jessica to rape her little girl at least three OTHER times and had even allowed two other men to have sex with her in the six months before she was murdered. She admitted that she enjoyed watching her daughter get raped.

(Link):  Mom [Michelle Martens] ‘used Plenty of Fish dating app to invite pair to rape 10-year-old daughter while she watched’


Oct 11, 2016

Michelle Martens is accused of arranging the sick abuse on the popular dating app

A mum has been accused of arranging for her 10-year-old child to be raped before being killed while she watched.

Police claim Michelle Martens used the app Plenty of Fish to arrange for the sick attack on her daughter Victoria.

It is alleged that her boyfriend and his cousin carried out the rape before killing the child.

The child’s body was found in a New Mexico apartment, with authorities claiming that she was given drugs before the attack took place.

The 35-year-old mum has admitted inviting boyfriend Fabian Gonzales and his cousin Jessica Kelley to carry out the attack, according to police.

It is claimed that the mum [mom] then had sex with Gonzales 20 minutes after the attack.

The mum told police that she watched her daughter be raped by the pair at least three times, it is claimed.

Gonzales and his cousin Kelley are accused of then burning Victoria’s remains in a burning blanket.

The trio are set to stand trial for the child’s death.

(Link): Report: Mother Who Arranged Rape, Murder of Daughter Watched Attack Then Had Sex with Killer

In August, police in New Mexico discovered the burning body of ten-year-old Victoria Martens in an Albuquerque apartment building. An investigation showed that the child had been dosed with meth, viciously raped, then stabbed to death and dismembered.

Shockingly, police accused the child’s mother, Michelle Martens, 35, of arranging for her boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales, 31, to rape her child. Police also accused Martens of helping to stab the child to death and dismembering her. Gonzales’s cousin, Jessica Kelley, 31, was also arrested for participating in the horrific crime.

… Then her story began to change. Martens later admitted that Gonzales had been sexually abusing the 10-year-old Victoria for up to a month before the murder.

But ultimately the records show Martens gave up her claims of being a victim and admitted she had allowed several men to have sex with the child and named at least two men who did so. Worse, (Link): according to KTLA, Martens admitted she watched the murder and even had sex with Gonzales after her child was dead.

(Link):  Girl, 10, Who Was Raped and Murdered, Begged for Her Life While Mom Allegedly Watched: Report


Newly released police interviews in the case of 10-year-old Victoria Martens, who was allegedly raped and murdered while her mother watched, revealed the little girl begged for them to stop.

According to court documents obtained by KTLA, Michelle Martens, 35, watched as her daughter was raped and killed by her boyfriend Fabian Gonzales, 31, and his cousin, Jessica Kelley, on the day after her birthday in August.

In reports police said Victoria was injected with methamphetamine, raped, strangled, and stabbed before police found her dismembered body inside of a bathtub and wrapped in a towel that was on fire.

Her mother allegedly had sex with Gonzales 20 minutes after the murder.

According to KTLA, Martens told police several different stories during questioning before telling them her version of the truth.

… As Gonzales and Kelley were raping the girl, KTLA reported that the child begged them to stop and her mother did nothing, even admitting to police that she enjoyed watching.

“I let them do it,” Martens told police, according to KTLA. She also said Kelley was stabbing the child and Gonzales was cutting her arms, the station reported.

Afterward, they cleaned up and made dinner, she said.

Martens also reportedly told police her daughter was sexually assaulted every day for a month before her killing by several men. There are also videos of the assaults, the mother said, according to police.

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