School sex education around the world is out of touch with teens, study finds.

School sex education around the world is out of touch with teens, study finds.

(Link): School sex education around the world is out of touch with teens, study finds.


Sep 16, 2016, 4:49 PM ET

…Recent data suggests, however, that schools in many nations are falling short in educating young people effectively about sex and relationships. Students and young adults in different countries express frustration at school-based sex education programs, according to a (Link):  new review published earlier this week in the British Medical Journal.

..Consistent themes arose from the surveys, including that young people regard current teachings as negative about sexuality and biased based on gender and toward heterosexuality.

…. One common theme to emerge is that many teens want teachers to acknowledge that sexuality can be an uncomfortable or embarrassing topic for instruction and can’t be taught like other subjects or with a disapproving tone. Many teens surveyed indicated they dislike having sex education taught by their regular teachers “due to blurred boundaries, lack of anonymity, embarrassment and poor training,” the study said.

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