80 Year Old Preacher Shot Dead By 67 Year Old Preacher in Argument Over Bible

80 Year Old Preacher Shot Dead By 67 Year Old Preacher in Argument Over Bible

This is wrong on so many levels.

Putting that aside, though… so much for equally yoked! These two dudes were claiming to be Christian. I have no desire to marry the kind of guy who says he’s a Christian but who thinks it’s okay to shoot someone dead over a biblical dispute.

(Link): 80 Year Old Preacher Shot Dead By 67 Year Old Preacher in Argument Over Bible


Horror erupted at a senior home in Chicago, Illinois, in the wee hours on Monday when Allen Smith, 80, a retired Baptist minister and Yale Divinity School graduate was allegedly shot dead by a wheelchair bound, 67-year-old pastor during an argument over the Bible.

The (Link): Chicago Tribune said Smith and his alleged killer, Ted Merchant, a resident of the community who also ran a church at the senior home known as the Senior Suites of Rainbow Beach, were on the back patio of the property having their regular talk about Bible passages when he pull a gun and shot Smith dead.

Merchant fled the scene in his motorized wheelchair but was arrested three blocks away at about 1:05 p.m., according to the Tribune. He was later charged with first-degree murder and was set to appear in bond court on Wednesday. Police say the shooting was caught on camera.

The Christian Post contacted the Chicago Police Department for further details on why Smith was shot dead but a media representative was not available to respond to questions.

The (Link): history page of the Christian Tabernacle Baptist Church in Hamden, Connecticut, says the church was started by Smith in 1962 after previously serving in ministry in New York City.

…Merchant, who had been living at the center for about six years, ran a ministry in the community room at the center called Straight Gate, according to residents, and he would frequently debate religion with Smith on the back patio where the retired minister died.

“They’d be out there all the time,” Dorothy Hull, 76, a retired auditor for the Bank of America in Chicago, told the Tribune. “They’d talk about Bible passages and ideas about God. They always had little arguments going on about things like that.”

But Hull never thought Merchant would kill Smith.

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