Ohio Ex-Mayor who ‘Dedicated Life to Christ’ Admits to Raping 4-Year-Old — And Blames Her as ‘Willing’

Ohio Ex-Mayor who ‘Dedicated Life to Christ’ Admits to Raping 4-Year-Old — And Blames Her as ‘Willing’

Authorities should apply paper cuts to this guy’s penis then dip it in lemon juice. After doing that for awhile, they should take a rusty, ragged blade and slowly cut his penis off.

The pervert in this news story is married.

I can only guess what the far left wackos and atheists have to say below this story on the “Raw Story” site’s copy of it. About any time a story like this appears on a site like “Raw Story,” the atheists and far left kooks normally broad brush ALL Christians or all of Christianity as being to blame for these sorts of incidents, which I don’t do myself.

These are the same guys (liberals and some atheists) who run around screaming, “Not all Muslims!! Not all Muslims!” every time a news story breaks about a Muslim blowing people up or shooting civilians at discos, bars, shopping malls, and workplaces. Go figure.

Please see my list of Take-Aways (standard observations) below these links and excerpts:

(Link): Ohio Ex-Mayor who ‘Dedicated Life to Christ’ Admits to Raping 4-Year-Old — And Blames Her as ‘Willing’ (on Raw Story)


by T. Gettys

A former Ohio mayor has admitted to repeatedly raping a child, prosecutors said — but the self-described Christian blames the girl for her own sexual abuse.

Richard Keenan, who served as mayor of Hubbard in 2010 and 2011, was indicted last month eight counts of rape and 12 counts of attempted rape and gross sexual imposition, (Link): reported the Youngstown Vindicator.

The 65-year-old Keenan pleaded not guilty last month during a court appearance, but prosecutors said he admitted to sexually assaulting the girl over a three-year period, beginning when she was 4 years old.

Prosecutors said Keenan confessed to the sex abuse to his wife, a pastor, a social worker and his brother- and sister-in-law.

According to court filings, the child told Keenan’s wife about the abuse and she confronted him — and he then admitted “I did it.”

…He told a social worker there that he had molested the girl for at least two years, beginning in September 2013, but he blamed the child for initiating the sex acts and described her as a “willing participant.”

Keenan, who bragged about his Christian values after he was sworn in as mayor, also discussed the abuse at length with a pastor.

“I’m a Christian,” (Link): Keenan told the Vindicator in 2010. “Dedicating my life to Jesus has changed my life. Don’t preach it, but live it.”

(Link): Ex-mayor charged in 4-year-old’s rape said girl was a willing participant, records say

September 14, 2016

A former Ohio mayor indicted on rape charges reportedly confessed that he had sex with a child — a young girl, who, the man claimed, was a willing participant.

Court records filed Monday describe conversations in which Richard Keenan — who briefly served as the mayor of Hubbard — talked to several people, including his wife and a pastor, about alleged assaults that occurred over the course of two years, beginning in 2013, when the girl was 4.

…The 65-year-old Keenan, who once described himself as a man of faith, was indicted last month on eight counts of gross sexual imposition, eight counts of rape and four counts of attempted rape.

..Keenan talked in more detail with a local pastor about the alleged abuse, saying it began when the child walked in on him in the bathroom, according to court records. It’s unclear how he and the child knew each other.

…At the time, Keenan said he had dedicated his life to Christ — a decision that he said changed his life.

“Don’t preach it, but live it,” he told the paper.

(Link):  Former mayor ‘admits raping four-year-old girl but claims victim initiated sex and was willing participant’

Richard Keenan, who has described himself as a “dedicated” Christian, confessed to abusing the girl over three years

(Link):  Former Ohio mayor who called himself ‘dedicated’ Christian admits to molesting girl, called her ‘willing participant’: court docs

A former small-town Ohio mayor, who has described himself as a “dedicated” Christian, admitted to molesting a girl for years and blamed the victim for being a “willing participant,” according to court documents.

(Link):  Politician who raped girl, 4, blamed her for initiating sex


Some of my standard commentary on news stories such as this one:

  1. Equally Yoked is a Joke.
    On my blog, I must have a billion examples of self professing Christian men who are arrested for wife abuse, wife murder, child rape, and other crimes and atrocities. It would be better for a single Christian woman to marry a decent Non-Christian man than assume any or most “Christian” men she meets are upstanding, moral, and ethical.
  2. Searching for a spouse in church might be a mistake.
    (If the person in this news report met his/her spouse at a church):
    I was brought up by Christian parents to think church would be the best place to meet eligible, kind, decent Christian men to date. But so many rapists and perverts who claim to be Christ-followers hide in plain site at churches – with some even working as preachers – this is not a good idea.
  3. Marriage and parenting do NOT make a person more Godly, Compassionate, or Mature.
    If the pervert in this story is married and/or a father, this goes to show that being married or a parent does not automatically make a person more loving, responsible, or godly (Christians often teach that marriage or parenthood are necessary to make a person a full-fledged grown up and all around great person).
  4.  The Christian teaching that a single adult must clean herself up, or achieve some standard or another before God will permit that person to get a spouse is tripe.
    I have many examples on my blog of rapists, men who have sex with dogs, etc, who are married to human women, and some of these guys profess Christ. If a dog rapist or child rapist can get a human spouse, God is OBVIOUSLY not holding up any standard of moral perfection before he sends a person a spouse.

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