Just Because You’re Married, Doesn’t Mean Sexual Temptation Goes Away – Relevant

Just Because You’re Married, Doesn’t Mean Sexual Temptation Goes Away – Relevant

I’ve been saying this for ages on my blog: being married does not remove sexual temptation or guarantee sexual purity.

All Apostle Paul said in the Bible is that if one burns with lust, one should marry – but Christians often read into that Bible verse that Paul was implying that being married means a person will never sexually sin – which is not what he was saying.

I have (Link): many examples on my blog of married Christian men who have been arrested for, or caught, raping people, fondling children, having affairs, or using pornography.

The tweet for this put out by Relevant magazine was, “Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean sexual temptation goes away” but the headline on the page was:

(Link): 3 Ways to Fight Sexual Temptation Within Marriage

Singles and newlyweds alike often assume that, after getting hitched, married sex resolves the issue of lust. Personally, that was my assumption before I was married, but lust doesn’t go away even though marital sex may fulfill desire.

Lustful thoughts and glances for someone other than your spouse can still occur after the wedding night, and lust just doesn’t disappear even if you have a healthy marital sex life (as evidenced by pornography and adultery within marriage). And to state the obvious, it isn’t just men who have this issue within marriage.

After being married for two years, I found myself lustfully daydreaming about other men around the same time I discovered that pornography was an issue for my husband.

Long story short, through anger, tears, prayer, support from our church community and the grace of Jesus Christ, pornography isn’t an issue in our relationship anymore. But honestly, that doesn’t mean that lusting after others outside of marriage doesn’t still happen.
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