Former Pastor Tried to Strangle Infant in Store Check-Out Line

Former Pastor Tried to Strangle Infant in Store Check-Out Line

(Links to the news story – farther below)

Let’s run down the Christian tropes for the billionth time on my blog:

Many Conservative Christians teach that marriage and parenthood are necessary to make a person more “godly and mature.”

Many Christians assume that never-married adults over the age of 25 are weird, flawed, immature, or over-sexed horn dogs; they assume marriage is necessary to make a person ethical and sexually responsible.

Christians also tell Christian single women they are to only seek a mate from church – from Christians. The idiotic “be equally yoked” teaching.

The problem with all this is none of it is true. Married Christians who are parents are frequently in the news for abuse, rape, theft, drug addiction, and so on (examples here).

Christian men are not better catches than Non-Christian men.

Christian men are just as bad about raping, killing, and committing adultery as Non-Christians.

So, if you are a single woman who desires marriage, you might as well expanding your “dating net” to include Non-Christians. Of course, you cannot get lazy about dating NCs (Non-Christians), because some NCs may be abusive or perverts, or whatever, but I would assume a lot of Christian women would feel that a Christian man, or a man who works as a pastor, must surely be more trust-worthy than say, a Jewish guy, an agnostic, or an Atheist.

I’m not sure if the dude in the story was ever married or had kids of his own, but if he was married or had kids, this goes to show that contra to evangelical Christian fairy tales, being married or a parent does not bestow good qualities into a person.

Self-professing Christian men, even ones who work in churches, are not necessarily any more up-standing, loving, or ethical than Non-Christian men.

(Link):  Former New Jersey pastor charged with choking baby in checkout line at Kansas Walmart 

The man accused of choking a stranger’s baby girl in a suburban Kansas City Walmart’s checkout line was identified Thursday as a former pastor from New Jersey.

Oleh Zhownirovych, 54, was arrested Wednesday morning after police in Overland Park, Kan., said he picked up the napping baby from her mother’s cart and put his hands around the infant’s neck. Bystanders and security staff took the child back and held him down until police arrived, police said.

(Link):  Former pastor tries to strangle four-month-old in Walmart checkout line: report

20 Oct 2016

A 54-year-old (Link): former pastor from New Jersey was arrested Wednesday after allegedly choking an infant in a Walmart checkout line in suburban Kansas City, according to reports.

The man was identified as Oleh Zhownirovych, according to and

The 4-month-old girl was with her mother at 7:30 a.m. when a man walked up from behind and put his hands around the baby’s throat, according to

The baby’s mother, Quisha Hill, told (Link): Fox 4 in Kansas City that she didn’t know the man. Hill said the man told her he was taking the baby and tried to pull the carrier out of her shopping cart, Fox 4 reported.







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