Pastor Marries His Mistress And Begs For Honeymoon Money Through GoFundMe

Pastor Marries His Mistress And Begs For Honeymoon Money Through GoFundMe

I hope this is satire, but it appears to be the real deal.

Christians: a lot of you teach that married couples are more godly and mature than single adults. No, they’re not. Here’s more proof.

I also think this is another example of how “equally yoked” is an ineffective teaching that is pointless and needs to go into the trash can, in so far as Christians assume it applies to marriage.

(Link): Pastor Marries His Mistress And Begs For Honeymoon Money Through GoFundMe

By Victor Ochieng

When “greet your neighbor” portion comes up during a church service, most people don’t connect; they simply see their neighbor’s faces, shake their hands, and that’s it. For Pastor Elijah Jones III, however, he didn’t just see a face, instead he found “true love.”

Jones fell in love with Stephanie Malveaux at a time when he was already married to a woman by the name Wanda Jones, according to Reality Wives. After they met, Malveaux became Jones’ mistress before the two later got married.

Jones, however, tried to make their relationship appear like that of two single people coming together in love yet that wasn’t the case.

According to (Link): reports, the two met at a church.

On the “Knot” website, the two said they met at a church called Jubilee. “Subsequently, we turned to one another, dispensed with the pleasantries, and uncomfortably sat next to one another for the next hour or so feigning existence of our stunningly corporate appearances.”

They noticed each other but didn’t have a conversation until they later bumped into each other at Starbucks.

“Suddenly, she appeared in work garb, on a Sunday afternoon, heading for the line to order her Starbucks pick me up. She was outfitted with a memorable purple and white tie and dye shirt, having concentric circles,” read the description.

After sharing their love story on the website, they then requested for well-wishers to donate towards their honeymoon, including covering costs for things like airline tickets, dining, and beverages.

Instead of just donating and wishing the couple well, the internet jumped in with a barrage of comments. It was so serious that even Jones’ children, Elijah IV and his daughter, commented, accusing their father of owing their mother an alimony of $450,000.

One user commented, saying, “I wish I could get married and start over while sacrificing my relationship with my family for a lite brite! Gon head deadbeat shawty… Enjoy your honey moon… (But I sincerely hope you don’t).”

Another said: “Lying a**, cheating a** sack of s**t you are! You forgot to mention how you cheated on your ex-wife and left your family for this Della Reese stunt double! Ha! THEN you want folks to pay for your honeymoon expenses!”

Hat tip: I believe I first saw this news story on “Stuff Christian Culture Likes” group.

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